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The following section has some Q&A with Chetan about the book. For more General Q&A with Chetan about the process of writing [email protected] and more,, please go here

What is [email protected] about?

[email protected] is a story about six people in a call center set in one night.

What are the key themes of [email protected]?

There are three main themes – ex-girlfriend, bad-boss and God.

What genre is the book in?

[email protected] is in the humor category with dark undertones. Like the previous book, the book has a fast paced, thriller feel to it.

Can you explain the dark undertones a bit more?

Yes, if you scrape beneath the surface, the whole call centre phenomenon has some dark shades to it. However, [email protected] is pure entertainment. The dark messages come every now and then, but mostly readers should get ready for a fun night.

Is it only for call center people?

No, not at all. Just as my last book, the story is universal. Just as in the movie Titanic, you didn’t have to have traveled on a ship to enjoy the story, same goes for [email protected] The call centre is just an interesting setting.
What was the biggest challenge?

There were three main challenges. One, I have not really worked in a call center. However, many call center people helped me tremendously in my research.

The second challenge was to set the story in one night. How can you have a novel set over an 11 hour period? However, once done it becomes a key highlight of the story.

The final challenge was that there are three female characters this time (compared to one for FPS). Understanding one woman is hard enough, so you can imagine what happened to me when I tried to understand three at a time.

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