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The Mercedes Blog V – The Star Shines Bright

This post is from Mercedes for whom Chetan is an inspiring icon.

 The Tri-Star is back where it belongs– on top. The Indian luxury market has seen a rising demand for luxury-on-the-road; and who better to fulfil this need than the iconic Brand? This year saw a slew of launches with the GL-Class, A-Class, the E-Class, the B-Class diesel and of course the G63 AMG. These new vehicles are young, dynamic and technologically advanced and have caught the fancy of the entire nation. 

This has been a great year for the Brand and the ‘Dream Car’ portfolio that has worked so well for the Indian consumer.

 The ‘Dream Car’ portfolio has ushered in not only new models but a new attitude.  Mercedes-Benz has decided that 2013 will be the year of the offensive and their four-pronged strategy reflects the Company’s core ethos– bring in new products and optimise existing ones; expand dealer network; invest more in areas like coaching and training customers; and provide services such as financing, leasing, insurance and maintenance of products. 

Everything is in growth mode for Mercedes-Benz. New models, new dealerships and new financial services. With the market opening up and new customers aspiring for the Star, the dream is becoming a reality for more and more consumers looking for luxury, safety and performance.

And for Mercedes, this is truly a dream run.

The Mercedes Blog IV- Compact Luxury . Big growth.

This article is provided by Mercedes Benz.

They say when you are at the top, you get a whole new vision of the world. Mercedes-Benz after regaining the top position has a new view of the automobile world. The Company is in growth mode and chalking out a Starry future for itself.

 Compact, stylish and a dream come true, the  A-Class and the B-Class have introduced the Indian customer to a whole new world of luxury. Positioned as the ‘pulse of a new generation’ and the ‘luxury tourer’ respectively, the company is garnering an overwhelming response to these new models. Looking at the response from this growing market, Mercedes-Benz has announced the launch of more such models in this segment in the coming year. 

Having set the tone and trend this year, the company has announced  a sedan and an SUV for the coming year. And guess what? The long waiting period for the A-Class and B-Class is also set to reduce soon and the Indian customers can get their share of luxury speedily as the company is planning to assemble the cars locally at their Chakan plant in Pune.

The launch of six new cars this year has put the company on the growth trajectory. And the success of the new compact cars has given the company a clear edge in the market.  Sure looks like it’s compact, it’s luxuryand it’s the Tri-Star, all the way. 

The Mercedes Blog – III: Let inspiration drive you to your dreams

It’s been long since my last blog. For those who don’t follow me on twitter or Facebook – Let me start by wishing you all a brilliant 2013 ahead. The New Year holds a lot in store for all of us – New aspirations, new expectations and new inspirations.

While aspirations and expectations stem from us, inspiration is something that grows on us. Without inspiration; aspirations are never achieved and expectations are never met.

As a writer, I seek inspiration from everything around me, on an everyday basis. Inspiration is essential to me and my craft. It’s what keeps me going.

The year is still young; allow me to ignite your aspirations with some inspiration.

To ensure some continuity with past posts I’ll be taking a leaf from my previous blog post – ‘The Mercedes Blog – I: Taking a shot at your dreams’. In that post, I told you about me quitting my job to follow my passion for writing. In this post, I’ll be supporting a passion of a different kind.

Are you passionate about speed? Do you have an unending love for fast cars?

Then fast forward to the Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive. The Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive is the answer to those who hate giving-in to speed limits; it’s the answer to those who thought that racing isn’t for Indians or the Indian roads. Performance Drive in short, is your ticket to a career in the fast lane.

The Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive will hone your driving skills on racetrack and riveting surfaces while unleashing the performance of thoroughbred Mercedes-Benz cars. It’s where you can learn, improve and challenge your driving skills under expert supervision. Master the perfect interplay between man and machine with the help of dynamically constructed modules, race-tested instructors and incredible cars. 

India’s presence in international races has always been scarce due to an absence of infrastructure and expert guidance. The Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive is set to change all of that! The first of its kind in India, it comes with a bevy of programs, experts and tracks that will elevate your driving to that of an expert.

If you have harboured dreams of being a race driver since childhood, don’t let go now, you have all the inspiration you need!

Check out all that the Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive has to offer –

Do share your views about it with me. And do let me know if any of you sign up for it.

Stay Happy. Stay Inspired.

Lots of Love,

Chetan Bhagat

The Mercedes Blogs II- Dealing with Disappointment

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while. Sorry for the delay, was caught up in too many things workwise, and even with the family. The kids had their summer vacation, so we had to spend more time with them too.

What am I going to talk about this time? Well, Mercedes released a new video, about a Google employee, who talks about how the car saved his life once. 

The video is here:


In a candid chat he describes how he wasn’t paying attention while driving as he approached a static car in front of him. His Mercedes’ sensors kicked into action and automatically stopped the car from hitting another car in front. You can tell from his voice that he is being genuine, and grateful that he avoided a major crash. Something about the video works; perhaps it is the real person, his family shots or the feeling that this could happen to any of us.

Like I said, I am not obligated to talk about Mercs in this blog, but I really believe this is one cool feature to have in a car.

But what touched me about the video was the fragility of life. We have a world around us – our jobs, families, aspirations and dreams, and in one moment it can all change. We spend years trying to build something, but it could be gone in seconds. A job loss, health issues, relationship break-ups – can all change everything in an instant. Has that ever happened to you?

The question then is, how does one deal with this disappointment? How does one accept a sudden, big loss? It is a question I grapple with, for even small setbacks can cause a lot of distress.

There are no easy answers. Neither am I an expert in handling disappointment. I am also learning, and would love your thoughts on how you handle setbacks in your life.

Here is what I can say based on my experiences so far. The fact is, when disaster happens, one has to struggle to cope. There is a period of suffering that cannot be avoided. It is an emotional time, and as they say in yoga, one has to ‘breathe through it’. That is to have awareness about yourself, and not trying to snap out of it. You cannot snap out of it. The only thing to note is that this is not a time to make big decisions. You have to let the emotions pass, or at least subside a little.

For eventually, the human spirit is resilient. It can handle the toughest of times. In history, humanity has suffered immensely due to natural disasters or wars. It just cannot do it in an instant. The time varies for people, but eventually, people come to terms with a situation.

Once emotions settle, one has to reflect on what happens next. One needs to make a new path, based on the new reality. Whether it is a break-up, or a job loss or you lose someone close – your life has to discover new meaning. Once you accept this reality and want the answers – they come. Slowly, life changes again. You meet new people. You find other worthwhile things to do. Life goes on.

Disappointment is one of the nastiest aspects of the human condition. Some say non-attachment is the answer. It may be true. But to live a life devoid of all attachments isn’t quite possible too. Hence, disappointment will come into your life, at regular intervals. Accept it, and it becomes a little easier to deal with.

You are welcome to put your thoughts in the comments section. Similarly, I’d invite you to read other people’s insightful comments too.

Lots of love,

Chetan Bhagat

The Mercedes Blog – I : Taking a shot at your dreams

Hi guys,


This is my first blog for the mb.Inspired India series for Mercedes Benz. I shall be writing once a month about various topics related to inspiration. Sometimes, I will be writing about Mercedes cars, but only if a particular model or Mercedes experience inspires me. While I am doing this for the brand, there is no compulsion from Mercedes’ side for me to write ‘salesy’ stuff or praise its products. Anyway, I don’t think Mercedes needs that.

However, since it is my first blog, I wanted to share one particular incident regarding a Mercedes, long before I became an mb.Inspricon.

This comes from the time I was resigning from my job at the bank, to become a full time writer. The bank tried to make me stay. One of the things that were told to me against leaving the job was that I’d be eligible for a Mercedes from the bank soon. 

I must admit that the lure was enticing at one level.  For if I quit, I didn’t know how I would make a living for the rest of my life, let alone own a Mercedes. Anyway, I had decided to follow my passion. Despite the persuasion, I left the bank. Little did I know, that a few years later I would become an mb.Inspricon of Mercedes-Benz itself!

I guess, sometimes you don’t know what life has in store for you. Once, I left a Mercedes for my passion. Today, my passion earned me back the Mercedes. I am grateful to my readers and God for making this possible for me.

While I was indeed extremely fortunate, the little story above does have a lesson. Sometimes, when you listen to your own inner voice, things may fall into place.  I particularly want to reach out to people who want to be entrepreneurs.

Many people work in their jobs, and harbor secret dreams of opening their own business one day. Few take the plunge, or even make an attempt. Perhaps the need for security is quite strong in humans. Even I worked for over a decade, before I decided to call my banking career quits. However, do realize that India is changing today. There are lots of opportunities for those who are committed to learn, be excellent, take risks and want to deliver quality. It isn’t as risky a place as say, during our parents’ generation 30 years ago, when losing a job meant the end of the world. There are jobs for good people, and if your attempt at doing your own thing fails, you can always come back to something. At least you will know you tried.

I am not saying one choice is better than the other. It isn’t. I have seen happy people in jobs as well as entrepreneurs. But if you have a dream, if there is something you want to try and that thought doesn’t leave you – why not give it a shot? What’s the worst outcome? You will fail?

Well, we all are finite, and life ends one day. If you don’t try, yes it is true you won’t fail as much. But on your deathbed, if there is a choice between two feelings – 1) I failed or 2) I never even tried – which one will be less bad for you? I guess that determines your answer.

Like I said, this may be a Mercedes blog, but I am not here to sell cars (and people rarely buy a car after reading a blog!). The theme is inspiration, and responsible aspirations, something the company and I both share as common values.

I am open to topics you suggest I discuss here – about achievement, aspirations, success or whatever you would like me to talk about.

Keep your suggestions coming. And yes, sometimes, if you like I could post pictures of some cool Mercs.

So give me your suggestions. More than anything, share with me your dreams.


Lots of Love,



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