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The Mercedes Blog IV- Compact Luxury . Big growth.

This article is provided by Mercedes Benz.

They say when you are at the top, you get a whole new vision of the world. Mercedes-Benz after regaining the top position has a new view of the automobile world. The Company is in growth mode and chalking out a Starry future for itself.

 Compact, stylish and a dream come true, the  A-Class and the B-Class have introduced the Indian customer to a whole new world of luxury. Positioned as the ‘pulse of a new generation’ and the ‘luxury tourer’ respectively, the company is garnering an overwhelming response to these new models. Looking at the response from this growing market, Mercedes-Benz has announced the launch of more such models in this segment in the coming year. 

Having set the tone and trend this year, the company has announced  a sedan and an SUV for the coming year. And guess what? The long waiting period for the A-Class and B-Class is also set to reduce soon and the Indian customers can get their share of luxury speedily as the company is planning to assemble the cars locally at their Chakan plant in Pune.

The launch of six new cars this year has put the company on the growth trajectory. And the success of the new compact cars has given the company a clear edge in the market.  Sure looks like it’s compact, it’s luxuryand it’s the Tri-Star, all the way. 

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