The Mercedes Blog – III: Let inspiration drive you to your dreams

It’s been long since my last blog. For those who don’t follow me on twitter or Facebook – Let me start by wishing you all a brilliant 2013 ahead. The New Year holds a lot in store for all of us – New aspirations, new expectations and new inspirations.

While aspirations and expectations stem from us, inspiration is something that grows on us. Without inspiration; aspirations are never achieved and expectations are never met.

As a writer, I seek inspiration from everything around me, on an everyday basis. Inspiration is essential to me and my craft. It’s what keeps me going.

The year is still young; allow me to ignite your aspirations with some inspiration.

To ensure some continuity with past posts I’ll be taking a leaf from my previous blog post – ‘The Mercedes Blog – I: Taking a shot at your dreams’. In that post, I told you about me quitting my job to follow my passion for writing. In this post, I’ll be supporting a passion of a different kind.

Are you passionate about speed? Do you have an unending love for fast cars?

Then fast forward to the Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive. The Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive is the answer to those who hate giving-in to speed limits; it’s the answer to those who thought that racing isn’t for Indians or the Indian roads. Performance Drive in short, is your ticket to a career in the fast lane.

The Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive will hone your driving skills on racetrack and riveting surfaces while unleashing the performance of thoroughbred Mercedes-Benz cars. It’s where you can learn, improve and challenge your driving skills under expert supervision. Master the perfect interplay between man and machine with the help of dynamically constructed modules, race-tested instructors and incredible cars. 

India’s presence in international races has always been scarce due to an absence of infrastructure and expert guidance. The Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive is set to change all of that! The first of its kind in India, it comes with a bevy of programs, experts and tracks that will elevate your driving to that of an expert.

If you have harboured dreams of being a race driver since childhood, don’t let go now, you have all the inspiration you need!

Check out all that the Mercedes-Benz Performance Drive has to offer –

Do share your views about it with me. And do let me know if any of you sign up for it.

Stay Happy. Stay Inspired.

Lots of Love,

Chetan Bhagat


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  1. Galab says:

    This is good stuff but i would not be able to afford it. Thanks for such updates

  2. Ismail Aatif says:

    Good work as brand ambassador . We love Ur writing,for that sake if u start promoting the brand u endorse in ur writing,then it’s credibity will be lost…

  3. sharad says:

    This one is in real sense crony authorism cheap :(

  4. Jogeshwar says:

    Thanks for the link, yes I signed up for talent search programme. I have always been passionate about driving, had to quit my shooting sport that I did very well in for my career. Frankly I think it’s the racing professionals who will benefit the most, newcomers stand little chance.

  5. Satish says:

    I really appreciated all the articles you wrote before this particular one.

    Why do you have to write this kind of advertising. Are you buckling under pressure? For corporate sponsorship? Are you not making enough money to take care of your necessities?

    Please continue to use your mass reach for inspiring people about something meaningful my friend! Or about things that you really want to write about.

  6. Anurag Jain says:

    love reading your posts…

  7. aishwarya rai says:

    today i read your blog for the first time!!!!after seeing you on abp news channel,when you were there with abhishekh kapoor for kai po che

  8. Tejaswini says:

    Its realy diffrnt ….

  9. PUJATNU says:

    Its really awesome..

  10. Zeeny says:


  11. vivek says:

    its good

  12. vivek says:

    its bad

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