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Air france – Chetan Bhagat contest

Hi Guys,

 Long time no blog. Well, most of you get updates from me on Twitter anyway. Also, I’ve been busy, with work and other things.

 However, I wanted to write this short blog to tell you about an exciting contest that combines two of my passions – writing and travel. 

 Yes, so writing 300 words (or less even, that is the max limit),  can win you 2 tickets to anywhere in the world from Air France. (Yes, anywhere in the world, and a stopover in Paris is added in too!). 

 What’s more, this isn’t a lottery. You write your short note (the topic is a memorable trip of yours) and post it on the contest site that is integrated to FB and twitter. Winners are decided based on 1) the views you get, or popularity and 2) the judges opinion on the writing.

 Hence, it is a good way to practice your writing, relive that fun trip, have your friends read it and if you are lucky – win a trip to anywhere in the world (where Air France flies).

 More details on the site here:

 Have fun.

Chetan Bhagat

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