The Mercedes Blog – I : Taking a shot at your dreams

Hi guys,


This is my first blog for the mb.Inspired India series for Mercedes Benz. I shall be writing once a month about various topics related to inspiration. Sometimes, I will be writing about Mercedes cars, but only if a particular model or Mercedes experience inspires me. While I am doing this for the brand, there is no compulsion from Mercedes’ side for me to write ‘salesy’ stuff or praise its products. Anyway, I don’t think Mercedes needs that.

However, since it is my first blog, I wanted to share one particular incident regarding a Mercedes, long before I became an mb.Inspricon.

This comes from the time I was resigning from my job at the bank, to become a full time writer. The bank tried to make me stay. One of the things that were told to me against leaving the job was that I’d be eligible for a Mercedes from the bank soon. 

I must admit that the lure was enticing at one level.  For if I quit, I didn’t know how I would make a living for the rest of my life, let alone own a Mercedes. Anyway, I had decided to follow my passion. Despite the persuasion, I left the bank. Little did I know, that a few years later I would become an mb.Inspricon of Mercedes-Benz itself!

I guess, sometimes you don’t know what life has in store for you. Once, I left a Mercedes for my passion. Today, my passion earned me back the Mercedes. I am grateful to my readers and God for making this possible for me.

While I was indeed extremely fortunate, the little story above does have a lesson. Sometimes, when you listen to your own inner voice, things may fall into place.  I particularly want to reach out to people who want to be entrepreneurs.

Many people work in their jobs, and harbor secret dreams of opening their own business one day. Few take the plunge, or even make an attempt. Perhaps the need for security is quite strong in humans. Even I worked for over a decade, before I decided to call my banking career quits. However, do realize that India is changing today. There are lots of opportunities for those who are committed to learn, be excellent, take risks and want to deliver quality. It isn’t as risky a place as say, during our parents’ generation 30 years ago, when losing a job meant the end of the world. There are jobs for good people, and if your attempt at doing your own thing fails, you can always come back to something. At least you will know you tried.

I am not saying one choice is better than the other. It isn’t. I have seen happy people in jobs as well as entrepreneurs. But if you have a dream, if there is something you want to try and that thought doesn’t leave you – why not give it a shot? What’s the worst outcome? You will fail?

Well, we all are finite, and life ends one day. If you don’t try, yes it is true you won’t fail as much. But on your deathbed, if there is a choice between two feelings – 1) I failed or 2) I never even tried – which one will be less bad for you? I guess that determines your answer.

Like I said, this may be a Mercedes blog, but I am not here to sell cars (and people rarely buy a car after reading a blog!). The theme is inspiration, and responsible aspirations, something the company and I both share as common values.

I am open to topics you suggest I discuss here – about achievement, aspirations, success or whatever you would like me to talk about.

Keep your suggestions coming. And yes, sometimes, if you like I could post pictures of some cool Mercs.

So give me your suggestions. More than anything, share with me your dreams.


Lots of Love,




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  1. sangharsh agarwal says:

    i also love to writing it feel make me happy n share me to myself i really inspired by u

  2. hridya mandot says:

    i loved your article…it inspires me to fullfill my dream

  3. mahesh says:

    Nice blog. I’m sure this will inspire future entrepreneurs. I’m a software engineer, I wish to be an actor/film maker. I’m sure I’m gonna make it! Yes I’m there. :)

  4. i think this is the perfect car for you to be honest, you don’t seem to interested in how the car goes round bends just how it glides over potholes. these c5 handle like boats. the only other car i can remember that handled great and was really comfortable to drive was an old mercedes benz 500 sec, super comfy,fast and fairly agile for a heavy lump. but cost a fortune to run and even second hand spares were very costly.

  5. Manu Agarwal says:

    Ya once i was also in d situation whetherr to go for CAT or not? Den my Mom cm to me n said dont fear of failures bcoz failures let u know ur weak points N much mr z many thngs u learn in dat 1 year rather den sitting at home. N finally i joined it dis year.I need sm SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO IMPROVE MY SENTENCE MKNG N IMPRVNG ENGLISH(speaking) So will u help me??

  6. Ajay Sojitra says:

    ya we should give a try to our dreams, but the threshold of the fear of failure that we need to overcome is realy at peak of EVEREST…..

    Because by reading this blog I get the boost to overcome mine Everest….!!!!

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