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Winning the World Cup made us so happy. Why? This week’s column, a tribute to Team India.

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Welcome to Republic India-Excellent

Yes,we did it! It took us 28 years but when we finally did win the Cup,we won it in massive style.We won at home,chasing the highest ever total of a World Cup final, recovered after the loss of two big batsmen,and with a stunning six as the victory shot.It is not possible,at the current moment,to praise the team enough.Their victory will give a lifetime of bragging rights and inspire an entire generation.

Equally stunning were the celebrations that followed right after the win.Even though it was close to midnight,within minutes,millions took to the streets.In something India has never witnessed before,there were impromptu victory processions,happy traffic jams,ecstatic people on the roads and a street party to which,literally,everyone was invited.

Why did we feel so great What makes this win so special And is there a bigger impact of the win that we can carry into our own lives After all,as some may say,this is just a game.It has no tangible impact on ordinary Indians lives.Yet,there is no denying the mood-elevating effects of winning the biggest trophy of our biggest game.It is like a booster dose of self-esteem and hope administered to the entire nation.

To understand why this win is so big,it is important to understand the context in which this has come.This trophy comes at a time when the only remarkable news coming out of India was the scams,including a big one in sports.The only remarkable people were the corrupt politicians and their cronies.Many of these people roam free and are even celebrated by Indian society.This is India – connections,the clique of powerful people who scratch each others backs and give each other mutual access to their power to enhance it.This is the way people rise in India who you know is more important than what you know.How you trade your power for another persons power is the core skill that will make you rise in life.

In the middle of all this,our men in blue brought home the World Cup.It was not a competition of connections.It didnt matter who your father was,which minister was your best friend or how much money you had in the bank.Only one thing mattered excellence.For the only way to win this Cup was to play better than everyone else,in match after match.And we played better than anyone else.

Such global recognition is rare for India,but this win showed the way to another,more glorious,Indian path to success : India-excellent.The India-excellent way to success is still hazy,but the young generation is getting a whiff of it.And it smells a lot better than the stale odour of success generated by India-connections.In fact,young India loves the perfume of excellence.That is why the youth came out onto the streets at midnight for the players,but they wont for any politician.The success that comes from excellence feels good its like a fresh and juicy apple.The success from connections tastes like reconstituted fruit.From a distance they may look the same,but for the person achieving it,the feeling is worlds apart.You cant kiss a bribe the same way as Dhoni kissed the trophy.You cant celebrate an unfairly earned telecom license the way Team India did after the match.Your ill-gotten gains may win you some fake friends,but India-connections is just not the same flavour as India-excellent.India-excellent is cool,India-connections is not.

With this win,youngsters today can see two paths.As they grow up,they will have the choice of two roads.India-connections is a well-travelled road.It may be easier,but ultimately less rewarding.The India-excellent road that Dhoni and co have paved for us is the harder one.However,it is more meaningful and more rewarding.

The clash of these two Indias will dominate the next two decades.Right now,India-connections has the upper hand.In the finals,tickets were essentially reserved for the India-connections.If you didnt have the right contacts,you couldnt get a ticket.This,ironically,for a contest that celebrates excellence.But i dare India-connections to contain Indiaexcellent.It wont be able to.Lurking beneath the tiny,creamy layer of India-connections is a talent pool so vast that it can transform our nation.One persons success can ignite the winning spark in millions of hearts.And Dhonis men havent just provided the spark,they have lit a fire.As a tribute to our team,let us resolve to win,and win using the path of India-excellent.After all,if we can be great at cricket,we can be great at anything.Let this trophy be the start of many Indian victories.Thank you,Team India,for making so many of us so happy.


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  1. Upasana says:

    I think we haven’t been so happy in years. Indians not just in India but abroad aswell were praying for Dhoni and his men. Dhoni might not have been in his best of form but he did prove what it is to be a captain. Kudos to the Indian Team.
    What an article Chetan! It’s so nice to read what you write. I am hoping you are going to come up with something regarding Anna Hazare, the Nation and your mera neta chor hain campaign.

  2. hey chetan,
    dats inspiring and true. India connections has made indian society believe dat there is no other way to get things done. But yes, IndiaExcellent is the way ahead to live to survive. Hail Dhoni & co. Hail IndiaExcellent.

  3. Fantastically put forward, as we in in the era of controversies and it’s tough for youngsters to decide one path every next day. As soon as we decide one path we find our self on a more complex square next time.
    What your mom want you to deliver rarely matches with father’s wishes between them where are yours no one knows. Dresses your friends like differs from your fathers choice, again where is urs.
    Some people says respect others to grow , some believe in humiliating others to get respect.
    We listen India shining and we all have other figures too…and many more. U can visit my blog
    for more controversies.
    Thank you Chetan sir for igniting minds

  4. Teesra says:

    Nicely written CB. Expecting more on cricket in future!

  5. What an inspiring article Chetan Bhai! m/

    Your India-Connections and India-Excellence metaphors are indeed apt for what prevails in India today and what will eventually prevail in India of future.

    We truly miss good leaders and we found then in young Team India and even a 73 year old who has thoughts and acts more radically then even a teenager for our own rights. This was the time we badly missed good leaders and henec, we rejoice when we get them!

    We youth, resonate with love-at-first-sight of excellence that we see around us.

    Chetan, we will strom thought these unjust shackles of the system, we so dearly love to hate. We will transform it.

    You will see!

    PS: A small thank you note on my blog:

  6. V.P. Singh says:

    Though, it is not without risk to say anything about cricket less than a praise in the frenzied atmosphere prevailing in India where cricket has become a religion and cricketers next to God. But here I venture not to totally endorse Shri Chetan Bhagat’s views about the cricket cup. This victory is not India’s final mission accomplished. In a country where more than 40% people are living below poverty line, we have concentrated all our energies on perpetuation of the colonial legacy of this aristocratic game. I wish joy of this victory could have been shared by the major chunk of poverty stricken population also living in dimly lit huts in the desolate hamlets of our countryside. There are vast stretches of villages without basic needs like school, drinking water, roads, dispensaries. let alone internet to have a glimplse of victorious and much eulogized Dhoni and our blue-eyed boys in blue. This victory is meaningless for a vast majority of poverty stricken farmers reeling under debt and committing suicide. It will have no tangible impact on their lives. It is only the Indian elite and the upper middle class which can rejoice this victory. Cricket has become more a business controlled by a few corporates and corrupt politicians rather than a game. Also, it has progressed at the cost of other games in India viz hockey and soccer which get step-motherly treatment. Most of the cricket players have already become super rich while majority of countrymen are virtually starving. We have to redefine our priorities and have to win bigger tournaments viz. eradication of poverty, unemployment, disease, illiteracy by concentrating our resources and energies on making better infrastructure. This cricket euphoria will die down soon and we should not be obsessed with the notions of false and momentary prestige. Our prestige lies more in making public toilets in Delhi where people are compelled to defecate in public on both sides of railway tracks. Our prestige lies in making the country economically self-sufficient and debt free. Once we achieve these bigger goals, we can shift our focus to cricket also.

  7. Srivathsa says:

    Good article CB, summarised it very well. I am confident India-Excellent would outshine India-Connections and its great for the next generation. I would request you to write about another champion sportsperson Saina Nehwal. She deserves all the accolades that the Indian cricket team does. She is an amazing role model for the young. Good day


  8. Dheeraj says:

    You know, what is more thrilling than winning when you are not expected to win (1983)…its winning, when everyone is praying that you to win.

    Its the feeling of their prayers getting answered (for once!) that made every Indian glow.

    Welldone Dhoni and gang, you made me believe that God still listens to me.

  9. This World Cup win is really an enormous revolution in the spirit of many Indians. I hope the politicians would also want to be in the heart of people like these cricketers are and they’ll try to implement such things which may compel people to love politicians.

  10. KOKO PATIL says:

    Any good thing happens in India would affect the whole world. This world cup victory increased the GLOBAL HAPPINESS INDEX of 1.2 billion people, means 17.6 % of world population. So no other victory or good things would make such an huge impact on the world. Think of World cup victory by Spain, what is the impact on the world, it is negligible……!

  11. Ninad Labhe says:


    I liked the statement you made above “You can’t kiss a bribe in the same way as Dhoni kissed World Cup”. The stand we Indians took for implementing Jan Lokpal Bill should be continued intact to ramify equal education opportunity without reservations.

    Well, I am extending without any reason, but to comment on your article, many articles touched this subject but yours was lucid enough amid those due to your word usage and grammar.

  12. Rahul Singhai says:

    woo-wow… thanks Chetan for such an inspirational writing.
    I just love your words..
    Young India is rising and whole world will witness its roaring power.. Hip-hip hurr-ray..

  13. Ronaldo says:

    Unfortunately, your India-Excenlento happens like every 28 years. Rest of the time, Enjoy the India-Corrupto.

  14. shreyas says:

    on that harder path showed by dhonis mans youth of india will ride on that and put glory of nation with new image against the world

  15. o d singh says:

    After reading your column, believe me I enjoyed more than the trophy. Now I am more than convinced that things which one cannot complete, someone else will definitely do it. That’s the reason why I always have good and positive thoughts which you can put them through your pen. I believe in each word written by you. Your new terms India connections and India excellent are very timely.I am expecting next column from you on our second victory within a week. That is ANNA HAZARE and the celebrations. Keep it up Chetan.

  16. Teesra says:

    Wonderful article CB ! I’ll expecting more articles on cricket.

  17. I think we are aware of all facts, we know the problems ,their reasons to be there and and even the only solution to it-i.e execution but the only thought that arise in mind doing so is- why should i do?

  18. Aniket says:

    Dear Chetan,

    This article is very poorly formatted. By that I mean that the punctuation marks are not in order, which makes it a very painful read for me.

    I would point out individual errors, but I leave it to yourself to find out and correct them. Better stuff is expected from an accomplished writer like yourself.


  19. Hardik says:

    An Indian who also contributes INDIA EXCELLENT-

    @Chetan: He is your kind of guy,Revolutionary.

  20. jiendra vishwakarma says:

    yes Indian team has done a great job after 28 years….and so has ben done by Anna Hazare….so say aloud..MERA NETA CHOR HAI…JAI HIND

  21. Prashant Tyagi says:


    Thanks for the article! Feel great about this Victory. yes, Indian youth now believes in the India-excellence path like never before. The WC victory has catalysed our faith and calls for more moments of rejoice. I wrote on FB that even I feel more positive about my personal ambitions, and this victory has given me the confidence that curses are meant to dilute, and the hard-worker always gets paid off!
    But its my strong belief that India-connections is not only an Indian curse. it’s just that Indian’s were never allowed to realize the concept of India-excellence. You yourself have written enough about it. I’m sad that parents are the first people to show us the path of India-connections. Our friends are our mates in activities that discourage sincere and meaningful efforts.
    Its a sad thing that this India was made to believe in Corruption and was made to forget that the world of honesty and hope exists. Superthanks to Team India for unleashing a powerful hope that some thoughts of discouragement will have to perish!

  22. Prashant Tyagi says:

    My disappointment to the context in which Mr. V.P Singh condemned this article is natural. Dear Mr. Singh, why do you think so negative? It is not a matter of Indian underdevelopment. People like you usually misunderstand the context of a person’s speech/expression. We are lagging in many areas, but the victory is not insignificant. It gives the greatest value of life: HOPE. And because hopeless people can’t succeed in life, we need articles like these to keep the spark alive in ourselves (from Mr. Bhagat’s Motivational Speech) that efforts will lead to success.
    Please stop discouraging victories and being cynical about progress. The Count of our developments has just begun. You’ll stop counting, there are as many victories coming our way! Won’t you wanna join the Party?

  23. shani kumar says:

    very good sir G

  24. Bill Jeoge says:

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  26. Prashant Rakheja says:

    I beg to differ with you on the point that “such global recognition is rare for India”. It isn’t,Indians are the best in many areas of life.

    For example,
    Indian students, according to me , are the best in the world.
    For the past two years, the toppers of the iPhO have been Indians..
    Moreover, the deans of the best colleges like MIT and HBS are also Indians.

    An Indian player is number 1 in chess(Anand),Indians have also excelled in other sports like Badminton (Saina ) , Wrestling (Sushil Kumar) , Tennis (Paes & Bhupati) , Weightlifting , Boxing (Vijender)..

    We have many more achievements… specially in Sports.. but the point is, we are a “cricket crazy” nation, so most of the times, the other bright things about our country are over-looked..

    Nevertheless, your articles are a joy to read always.

  27. prashanth says:

    Hey Chetan, just got to know about your next book – revolution 2020.

    As a common practice, you always had s** scenes in all of your novels. Being a triangle, are there two scenes?

    Three mistakes of my life:
    I hope after one night and three mistake, this is not your third mistake.

    Take care…

  28. sushil says:

    hi chetan bhaiya …. u are a great writer + commenter wanna be lyk u …

    keep smiling youths by ur writing ….


  29. Vijaya Nayak says:

    Respected Sir, I request you to come to our college-S.V.T College of Home Science as a guest and help all students with our book review . As i dint know how to contact i decided to write through your blog.Please accept this invitation. hoping we shall get to meet you soon.Please get back.Thanks Sir.

  30. Apurva Pratik says:

    It is alwys great to read you, but this time you made us realise that there is lot more inside us. With this article you provoked us to follow India-excellence.


  31. rajneesh pushker says:

    i really like your post very nice post . i already book a piece of revolution 2020 . i give you my feedback after reading . i read your column in newspaper i really like it very much

  32. tejas a s says:

    chetan…. its quite great how i ve evolved from a ANTI BHAGAT reader to the one who purchased and finished REVOLUTION 2020 on d night o its release….. mind boggling as i would say for its appeal to us, student readers….. SIR….. m a die hard fan o yours since two states and more than that after d revolution… i donno if i can blabber this… but me an ma novel buddies agree these…
    2.we are watchin a different kinda chetan in 2020.
    ll b awaitin a reply… yours truely
    one among DEAR ALL..

  33. Ansh Jain says:

    What is the difference between British govt. and 99 percent congress-swiss govt.?

    — The only difference is British were white dacoits. They were more better than present govt..
    At,least, they have given us the best Railways of Asia.

    Support Baba ramdev for black money.
    Support Anna hazare for Jan lok pal bill.
    Support Dr.swamy for legal fight.

    jai hind ! We will make this country independent some day. We want “Purn swaraj”!!

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  37. anju says:

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  38. krina says:

    hey chetan i read ur book revelution 2020 did arti nd raghav ever met again..??

  39. krina says:

    sryy i meant gopal nd arti..??

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