Mera Neta Chor Hai

9 April 2011 Update: The government agrees to most of Anna’s conditions, and agrees to modify the lokpal bill accordingly. Yes, the people of India did it. Scared at the rising popular support, the government gave in. This will have far reaching implications for India, not only because of  a strong Lokpal, but also that people in India have tasted their power. From now on, the aam aadmi will not think of himself as powerless.

Since the government has agreed to the bill, the ‘Mera Neta Chor Hai’ campaign also ends. I can’t thank you guys enough for your support. Together, we will make a better India, one step at a time.




(The original Mera Neta Chor Hai Post is given below).


Dear All,


The time has come for us to show our corrupt leaders what people power really means. Anna Hazare’s fast is the starting point for corruption reforms in this country. Please note, the politicians will never make good anti-corruption laws on their own. They won’t pass a law that checks their power. People will have to fight to get them. Innumerable articles, requests, appeals have been given to these politicians. They don’t listen. They don’t respond. I have personally spent most of last year writing columns on corruption and the need for real laws. For instance, we have the CBI, our premier investigative agency, which ultimately reports to politicians. How can they investigate the people who appoint them? It is like asking your maid to prosecute you.


We need an independent authority against corruption, which is what the Jan Lokpal bill is all about. Passing this bill is as important as our Independence movement was.


We must however, keep broadening the base of this movement. Some of you may ask, what can I do? Do I keep a fast? Do I join groups on Facebook? Do I come on the streets?  Well, all these actions have their place. However, we must make sure this campaign reaches the grassroots, and doesn’t say confined, say, to the English-speaking, online world. I suggest one more option that might help.


To aid in spreading this, I’d like you to write something on your forearm, and display it wherever you go.  Using a pen, write in thick lettering, “Mera Neta Chor Hai” and wear it everywhere – in college, office, shopping malls and buses. Post a pic of it on your Facebook profile. Let people ask you why you have written it, and then explain it to them. From the neighbourhood aunty to the auto driver, everyone must know what is going on. And yes, this is inspired from Deewar, the hit Amitabh movie from the past.


This statement will also shame our politicians. For when youth of this country move around writing this on themselves, they will be forced to act. It will give impetus to the already active Anna Hazare campaign.


It’s that simple. Write “Mera Neta Chor Hai” on your forearm, post a pic on the net and tell everyone about it. Please also forward it to everyone you know who may care for their country.


Our country is founded on overthrowing the opressors. We have another oppressor now, the evil empire of corrupt politicians that have somehow taken charge of this otherwise great nation.


Remember  “Mera Neta Chor Hai”, until they pass the Jan LokPal bill.







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  1. anil gupta says:

    today india need support of young blood,,so come friends,let we join the hands,support anna hazare work, and make the india a ” corruption free nation”.

    because its the time ,when dream of mahatma gandhi is going to be true,of making a corruption free india.

  2. shubham says:

    anna ji finally won…..

  3. Dr. Nitin K. Bajaj says:

    Gaali Gaali Mein Shor Hai Sare Neta Chor Hai.
    Sau mein se Ninyanve (99) neta baimaan, Phir bhi mera Bharat mahan.

    Very true. Politicians are corrupt. Chahe woh Govt. mein ho ya Vipaksh mein. yehi sahi samay hai ki hum sab mil kar is shuruat ko anjam tak pahunchayen.
    Jai Hind

  4. Amitha Devadiga says:

    Passing a bill? Will that solve all the problems in our country, starting from poverty. Poverty is the root cause of corruption.
    I agree that our leaders are thieves but who made them leaders? how many of us vote honestly during the elections. its our right and how many of us use it.
    there are youth like us all over the country how many of them know about internet or facebook. how would they know about Anna Hazare and his movement against corruption when they don’t get newspapers to read. Even if they know what would be the difference?
    people die starving. who cares about them when Anna is fasting. they protest throughout their lives against poverty and die at the end. theirs is a sacrifice to. who is going to report that in tv or newspaper. it’s a boring news anyway. this is exactly what our country is.
    who is the reason? me? you? its everyone- total 121 crores people. “develop yourself before developing the country”

  5. Teesra says:

    What a perfect Title !

  6. Atul says:

    Mera Neta chor hai!!!!, but there is honour among thieves too, while there is none present in current day netas!!!

  7. KOKO PATIL says:

    Chetan, what you have done to support Anna Hazare. I have not seen you any where near the movement…! ( for record, I have fasted for one day to support Lokpal Bill, sitting in another country). If you miss this, kindly look for opportunity, we educated people let down this country, but we need to stop this trend.

  8. Darshan says:

    media sabko lada rahi he,himat hy to viswabandu gupta ka interveiw kare with his avidence,thy expose both party bjp ,congress__MERA MEDIA CHOR HY,media prabhu cawla or barkha dutt ko batoao

  9. JD says:

    Tera neta chor hai to toone usko elect kyun kiya? Kya tu dimaag se paidal hai?

  10. Ninad Labhe says:

    Winning the WC trophy has inspired us to the extent that our unanimous stand can even flush out all the ministers and efficiently form a new government consisting real and capable leaders. I would allow Sonia Gandhi to reside in India to encourage diversity, but without being able to speak the national language she is leading National Congress Party. India need juvenile energy to kick out undeserved ‘bastards’

  11. Aham says:

    Youth of country should continue “Mera Neta Chor Hai” campaign until parliament ratify the UN convention against corruption, pass the jan-Loakpal bill and withdraw old currency from circulation.

  12. Ronaldo says:

    Instead of bitching online, I wonder why Indians don’t protest or why revolutions don’t happen in India like they are happening in Middle East even after getting ripped like that for years.

    Ofcourse, India does need a Revolution and they have to change the whole crappy system if they want to change anything.

  13. Sandeep says:

    A Great one..I am in.

  14. vikram karki says:

    one has to come forward and thats what anna hazare did……
    gandhiji is back now….
    this time its not britishers but our own politicians….
    thank you sir….i salute you

  15. Satish says:

    Those who write “My Leader is a thief” by one hand, also write, “I am foolish to elect such thief” by another hand.

  16. My2cents says:

    Hello, I had a look at the Janlokpal bill & here are my two cents : –

    1.) No mention of prison sentences for corrupt members of Jan Lok pal bill including the chairperson, members & the employees & confiscating any recovered wealth as a result of corruption?

    The bill seeks prison sentences for convicted public servants, politicians, private bodies & it seems that the court can also send a false complainant to 1 year prison sentence in case of malafide intent. However nowhere in the bill & also from what I have seen on TV, the Jan Lok pal members only mention dismissal of corrupt lokpal members/ employees within 1 month. Why the double standards? Why does it not lay down equal punishment – If they seek prison sentences for others they should hold themselves to the same standard of punishment including seizure of any ill gotten wealth.

    2) No esteemed private citizens like Mr Narayan Murthy who have volunteered their services or new members of the civic society from outside have been appointed. All the people who are already connected to the Jan Lok pal bill have self appointed themselves as members of the committee in leading positions. On TV I have heard few of the Janlok pal supporters say that they are the most competent people to handle the bill. I don’t believe there are no other competent people in India besides themselves. If they had taken 2 new people from civic society it would send a signal they are open to outsiders from civil society besides just themselves.

    3) The chairperson, members & each employees of the Jan lokpal bill should also be made to declare their assets. There is no mention of this anywhere which is surprising considering that members who have drafted the JanLok pal bill, many of them are ex public servants & judges themselves.

    4) Why can’t anyone sue Jan Lokpal in a court of law? Again from my knowledge ( limited & I may be wrong ), even the CBI can be sued & can be forced to award financial compensation so why is the Jan Lokpal seeking immunity – if their own workings & members & employees are transparent & honest. If their own workings & member / employees are found to be corrupt why can’t they be sued ?

    5) What is the approximate estimated cost to Indian tax payers in setting up Jan Lokpal, paying salaries & hiring new employees for creating this huge institution & army of new public servants at centre & state level ? A clause in the Janlokpal bill even mentions that :-

    This clause in the bill states :-
    “ (5) There shall be a separate fund by the name of “Lokayukta fund” in which penalties/fines imposed by the Lokayukta shall be deposited and in which 10% of the loss of Public Money detected/prevented on account of investigations by Lokayukta shall also be deposited by the Government. Disposal of such fund shall be completely at the discretion of the Lokayukta and such fund shall be used only for enhancement/upgradation/extension of the infrastructure of Lokayukta.”

    Again will there be transparency in how they spend this money, they don’t mention anything. Political scams run into crores – so 10 % can be a huge amount. I am not aware if any existing institutions in India do this, like the Income Tax department – does it get to keep 10 % of the revenue collected by its department? is there an precedent for this. I have heard that the customs department auctions articles seized by them – but they auction it to the general public, at least that’s what I think.

    6) Can the RTI be used in case of Janlokpal? The only form of transparency the Janlokpal bill says is that we will have everything on our website – but it will be the Janlokpal who will be in charge of putting information on a website – how does that enforce transparency?

    7) Why deny for example – a traffic policeman the right to use Janlokpal if he is a victim of corruption like being asked donation to get his child admitted to a school? What authority can he go to since public servants cannot make complains to Janlokpal. Who does he approach?

    8) Lack of separation of powers :- For example if a Police officer was made a Judge in all its cases he was investigating – wouldn’t he just decide the accused is guilty in maximum number of cases without even bothering to prepare a solid prosecution case. So by keeping the police & courts separate we ensure separation of powers, however In Janlokpal there is no separation of powers so why will Janlokpal rule against itself especially since they are denying the right to even appeal. Janlokpal can investigate, can be the police without any warrants & then be the judge – I just feel the scope for abuse of power is too large by giving all these powers to a single institution, at least the courts should be separate & not under Janlokpal to ensure fair trials.

    9) Is there any platform by current Janlokpal members / supporters on IAC website to take suggestions & concerns from general public regarding the JanLok Pal bill, how does the civil society submit there suggestions?

    Personally I do not like the idea of Janlokpal bill in its present form, there needs to be lot more debate on it & amendments too. It seeks to create new public servants & bureaucracy with too much power in hands of few self appointed leaders with zero accountability to anyone. I also do not agree with diluting autonomy of existing institutions of democracy under one single institution – that is like giving them absolute power with no one to watch them – who monitors the Janlokpal ? How can the JanLokpal be above the parliament & Judiciary, that doesn’t make any sense.

  17. we have the duty, or rather the honor, of planting positive seeds of good intentions, love, respect and tolerance, at the same time allowing others and the forces of the universe to be given the space to work and respond against corruption according to their time and inclination .

    my suggestion to change the election system , that we can vote via internet system through permanent login id system with the help of verification of voter id number ,that alloted by the election commission .
    if followed these system of voting , we can change everything because now a days , educated people did not share our voting right due to lack of time .this cause voting percentage remain 50% vote of uneducated people or unaware people .-naresh pal gangwar , Lucknow

  18. sidd says:

    I’ve 2 points:
    1. What if lokayukt becomees corrupt.
    2. How will these lakayukt be elected..

  19. Sanket says:

    I Am With You.

  20. rajesh upadhyay says:

    Mera neta… Sorry hamare neta..

  21. rajeshwari says:

    this is wat the people of india were waitin for…the bloody politicians shud be thrown to jail…

  22. riddhi pandya says:


  23. khansahab says:

    Mera naita pakka harakhoor,Riswat khoor,kamiina,kutta hai….

  24. Deepika says:

    If it makes difference on indifferent government.. Lets try this.

  25. Satyajeet Reddy says:

    i appreciate; “Mera neta chor hai”

  26. fathima says:


  27. adi says:

    We all know that corruption levels are growing at an alarming rate in several countries like India.

    Often criminals are using the loop holes in our judicial system to their advantage.If the government makes strict rules and punishes the criminals mercilessly,other people will at least fear to do the same mistake.

  28. shadab says:

    No one is safe in Pakistan, not even Osama Bin Laden. Everyone is safe in India, even Ajmal Kasab!!!!

  29. apoorva says:

    ya gr88 article chetan…….frds plzzzzzz join this group…..on facebook….

  30. Nice try , but our politicians cannot read and write , they are not reading your articles , a few can read but cannot understand your message.

  31. Yogesh says:

    Where r u now?

    Why r u silent on current movement? R u not supporting Anna’s Campaign ?

  32. Vijay says:

    Mera neta chor hai..ham sab ke neta chor hain…sare neta chor hain…isliye chor neta hote hain…

    Bachao Bachao..Neta Neta Pakdo, Pakdo
    Bachao Bachao..Neta Neta Pakdo, Pakdo
    Bachao Bachao..Neta Neta Pakdo, Pakdo

  33. ml shori says:

    Wakai…… pure desh vasiyo ko naxalite, mahngai bhastachar aur samajik kuriti dene wale yahi neta log hai. I agree your “sabhi neta chor h”. Neta s janta puchti h k etni sampati kis kheti s kheti karke neta ji utpadan kiye hai. Jara bataye. Hisab hona jaruri hai. Thaanks chetan sir……

  34. Vinil Mehta says:

    We people have to unite together in front of government to fight against corruption as well as terrorism ,These two are taking lives of common people .did you ever heard of any politician died of terrorist attack?No coz they shook their hands and pay to terrorist.I strictly against of these ‘old’ politicians how easily they are playing with 121 crores of people and still painless about the future .They need to leave their post for youths to run this country in a better way .

  35. very well said…..we should keep this thing “mera neta chor hai” alive till the corruption is removed from grass root level…as and when or wherever they(politicians) will see this message it will trigger them to pass strong jan lok pal bill..

  36. Chayan Kundu says:

    Very sincere comments by My2cents.
    Thanks for your comment.
    We need change, but it should not be by impulsive people.
    we need impulsive people in any change to make effect, but it should be leaded by sincere and responsible people, who are always ready to look at themselves and capable of avoiding the dangerous inherent tendency we have:

    We also need to know that its always easy to go against system, but not so easy to strengthen it from within.
    As, whatever change you bring in, any system will decay as time passes, so we should also look for provisions to purify system from within.

    Anyway, its good that people are thinking about country, but I am afraid we are not in the right direction, at least in this movement.

    Hope we will get right direction in near future.

  37. abeer says:

    Dear Mr. Bhagat, i appreciate your feelings for our country, but i would still like to put one question before you. you talk about anti-corruption and Jan Lokpal Bill but do you even know what the lokpal bill states. your view to remove the panderers of democracy are good enough, but have you read all the enactments of Lokpal Bill. do you feel that Lokpal Bill in itself is enough? as far as i know about some of the acts contained in the bill, i am afraid that the passing of the bill may rather dignify corruption rather than curb it. corruption is more a quality of our mind, we are not able to do away with. why not read the whole act and come forth and explain the consequences of the bill and also motivate people against corruption instead of educating people only through social networking sites

  38. cura12 says:
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  40. bittu gandhi says:

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    Have a great day;

    Yours Faithfully
    Bittu Gandhi
    (Researcher, Author, International Record Holder)

  41. Roshni says:

    Hello Sir,
    I read your story. It was “real good.” I’m a big fan of your’s.
    Have a great day ahead.

  42. Amit Garg says:

    pepol should make down m.p. & m.l.a. from their post and they shud appeal to apply “Ratrapati shasahan”but first we shuld pressurise our leaders to vote for hounrable abdul kalam to be president n remove pratibha devi patil she is also corrupt and she helping our leaders to crupption..if our leaders won’t agree keep strike at infront of their house office after that they hav to do………and after “Rastrpati Shaasan” make inqiry by C.B.I. indepanndantly at all our leaders of every party everybody is indulge in courruption……….

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