Time for a Fresh Start

A strong opposition, makes the ruling party perform better, which in turn is good for the country. With that intention, I wrote today’s TOI column on the BJP. The link is here.

Do read the comments people leave here as well, as some of them are very insightful, and turn this from a mere column to an active discussion. And of course, feel welcome to add your own.




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  1. Nari Kannan says:

    BJP, Congress, it does not matter. All of them look to positions in the Government as winning Lottery Tickets! Witness Sushma Swaraj and the Reddy brothers in Karnataka shining her shoes (literally – there are videos there) and passing her money looted from the public. Do you think that the Congress bigwigs did not have their cuts deposited in their swiss bank accounts?

    Ultimately all theser people are like looking in the mirror- Politicians are only a reflection of the general state of the people. The Indian mind does not mind corruption, taking money or giving money. So it does not make one whit of a difference whether it is BJP or Congress!

  2. Sujit says:

    It’s a bit conclusive the thing I have always been trying to find in a discussion. What I feel about choosing between BJP and Congress that to be guided by evolution theory (here for gradually cleaning up the system) one should always choose the better one between the ‘bad’ and the ‘worst’ respectively to evolute properly. In this context, I also want to share a fundamental thought of my own, “There cannot be a place of dynastic politics in a true and progressive democracy, the best thing about democracy is its multiple directives among which the people are freely allowed to choose the better one and gradually reach its limiting good end”.

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