Dealing with a brat like Pakistan

Dear All,

My column in TOI today, “How to deal with a brat called Pakistan”. Tried a slightly flippant tone this time, and I guess there isn’t an easy answer to this one, but I tried. The column is here.

Appreciate if people read the comments as well, and those contributing, try to come up with constructive solutions – you never know who is reading!



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  1. Kishore Amati says:

    Hi Chetan!…I am Kishore, working with TOI(Goa) as a story writer and photographer. I know this is not the right place for this but i need your contact details. would be grateful if you send it to my Email id at the earliest. pls feel free to call on 9637891731 for any queries. cheers!

  2. Couldn’t agree more on this!! You speak our heart!

  3. India News says:

    what’s up, i do not believe in any like that but the truth is create good level.

  4. nigam kamal says:

    Dear Chetan, after a long time there is one author who writes what he feels that too without any inhibitions. your entry in newpaper is more than welcome. You write so straightforward and right from ur heart! Your article was fantastic but we need more guys like u who can bamboozle the bloody politicians. As a matter of fact the Chamcha (sycophantic) system that we have developed is the main hindrance that actually blocks our sight.we need guys like u who can break this shell and let people see through. Pleeeese continue with such writtings. Any kind of humble help from guys like me u r welcome.

  5. Waquar says:

    Agreed on every thing out there … nd morover wat v noe abt pakistan nd wat they noe abt INDIA is only through News channels or somewhat d internet now …. India should show them the true country v are nd not what their army nd news channels put up

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