Crocin or Antibiotics?

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There’s violent internal strife in 15 out of 28 Indian states. Read my column on that issue here. As always, do read others comments as well as they add a lot to the discussion.



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  1. sehar says:

    ohh the line i liked the most became the topic …well i think the suggestion given was awsm…when most of our city students dream to go utside india …they shud be sent to rural places to knw wht our country is facing….this might help in more awareness and feeling of responsibilty in inida`s youth

  2. Astha says:

    Hi Chetan,

    As you sais its 100% true we need antibiotics not crocine… but the question is that the docters we are conculting are the so called ‘Jholachaps’, and they are not qualified enough to prescribe antibiotics!!
    And those who are qualified are busy in establishing their empires, so who do you think can bring the most awaited changes?

  3. Prem Mohanty says:

    MNC’s and educational institutions have to work hand in hand.But we all have see what happened to TATA at singur. The reluctance of the Central Government to deal with state matters efficiently is most critical.

  4. Astha says:

    Why corporate social responsibility is only for seminars books and news rooms??

  5. Anupama N says:

    i loved the idea of the exchange programmes between both the colleges and that to making it mandatory so that ppl will actually have to reach out to such places rather making excuses.making it mandatory can only cause such a miracle…and as India has a higher % or rural population ,in this way we can even serve our country by making our rural population aware

  6. Santosh says:

    Hi Chetan,

    Well said, how long it will take us to have better safe and non-corrupted country. Almost 60 years congress led govt ruled the country where we stand on basic issues. I think the route cause is corruption in all areas. You are doing good job taking up this issue where pen can make more impact rather than sword. Can I take this liberty to say this you should be doing it very frequently like more articles, interviews (start your own interactive learning and awareness programs, tie up with tv channels.,) and starting with bunch of young group to start an resolution. More awareness is required among the younger gen. Bcoz we Indians have basic knowledge of short memory. DEAR CHETAN PLEASE NOTE WE AS INDIANS NEEDS A CHANGE IN ALL ASPECTS OF POLITICAL SYSTEM.

  7. rohit says:


  8. As always, your article makes for a thrilling read, but back to the reality, it tends to fade into oblivion. Question is, who is going to make a radical change? Where is the starting point? Our very writers are going to deliver a thought-provoking piece of article and then comfortably sink back into their bin bag!

    Just who is going to lead us to change the way we live? Please, show me a leader!

  9. gayatri says:

    ‘The wrong diagnosis’ , must say was a right dignosis by u.The article had a great punch.It was thoroughly a conscious pricking one.The suggestions were perfect but hope it gets executed soon so as to have a brighter india soon.

  10. pavan mandowara says:

    U r right sir.. we need to seriously lok into this matter and start from our surroundings…

  11. Vaibhav Garg says:

    Chetan .. Don’t mind but this article is just similar to other articles who talk about the problems and solutions..
    But where are the implementers?
    You are talking about urban youth.. huh.. This youth is materialistic and beleive me, many of us, just don’t care about anything except themselves!
    I still beleive.. “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota.. usse perfect bananna padta hai”.. But again who will take care of this.. “Here you start..There you are forced for an incomplete end” .. Corruption and Negligence is in the blood of ours!

  12. hari says:

    Hi CB

    Absolutely great article. You have hit the nail on their head. Its completely justified of erasing the disease from the root rather than temporarily fixing it.

    Hope its an eye opener for those blinds sitting there on the top.

    I wish we have some kinda Antibiotics to brainwash and reboot those corrupt politicians to make things proper.

  13. Tanvi Salhotra says:

    Extremely thought provoking and practical.. but with butts off the seats.! Possible anybody??

  14. Aditya Gupta says:

    Hii CB … nice article … keep writing …

  15. Liked the article, good one :)

  16. jami says:

    Good Article. Really different perspective. But Mr. Chetan, when you address a problem of a country, i would suggest drop being cheesy with Crocin and stuff. Back up your thoughts with some seriousness.

  17. anant singh says:

    @jami: this is the deepest and most serious mr.bhagat can ever be

  18. Puneet says:

    Hi Chetan

    Read ur article today. Quite frankly I didn’t expect such an article from u. U tried to draw attention towards the problems we already know ,hear/read about them everyday in newspapers and tv.We get so many opinions from some self proclaimed experts sitting in their air conditioned rooms who know nothing about the ground reality and can only give comments.Yes, India needs change but can the Change come this way ?I don’t agree. Change can come only through action.

    Libreralisation brought economic growth but this economic growth is causing farmers becoming landless. Govt. is giving fertile land to Industries and to extend boundaries of cities to accommodate rising population in cities .But this is causing poverty in villages as taking land results in no source of income for villagers.

    If u actually want to bring some change do something like u wrote about “city rural connection” . I would really appreciate if you and the “most educated and modern thinking” class does something to cure the real cause of illness.

  19. aditi maini says:

    It was a great article along with the great topic as well “the wrong diagnosis”.
    It is true that youth of urban cities need to go to rural areas to know about their culture and infuse modern values there. But the problem is from where to start as written by various people. As what u have written in the article is very correct, that there are three questions ,I agree with the first two answers but the third one, what all can be done. Your all the answers are right but it can’t be done by a single person. All need to work together.

  20. priya says:

    rightly diagnosed,mr.chetan…very clear thinking and well translated to the readers. U have not only addressed the plight of our ‘mordern’ india(like most ppl),but also abt the issues, what its leading to,what can be done about it and have come up with solutions that can work if implemented… Hats off to u,cb..wish our leaders were also doing and thinking similar in the parliaments instead of staging scenes worse than street fights..sigh! But the reality check is that the innovative solutions u have provided (personally i really support the student exchange and mnc thoughts..) will take atleast a100 strikes and hartals, another 100 walk outs and brawls in the parliament, thousands of big shots trying to mint money in the process and in the end, may or may not be implemented after a 100 yrs when we will be fightin a totally different issue!! Sorry for the lack of optimism..but its kind of difficult without even having leaders who can take up such solutions and implement it in a reasonable time frame and in a society where khap panchayats glorify ‘honour’ killings and where caste still is the basis for voting. Guess our leaders havent heard of antibiotic therapy..and indiaiioindia

  21. Hello Chetan Sir,
    May be today your article will revolve in peoples mind but what next? After Sunday, Monday that means back to work. What about the End-to-End Implementation? What about your suggestions, whether anybody going to implement it or atleast follow it or the worst keep in their mind for future implementation? What about the people who liked this article are they going to come with you and fight against this whole mess? You ask for youth to come and put their hands in it? But already the youth of India is having thr own set of problems eg: Job Security, Poor Salary, Poor Basic Amenities, Poor & Corrupt Education System, etc too name a few..the list is endless and on top of that you are asking for a hand of support? I appreciate but than what about the government or are so-called politicians, for wht we have elected them. I vote regularly but now i am against it because as per your suggestion i feel there is no literate or meaningful Politician in the location whr i stay? There is only one solution to this problem Boycott the Political Parties that are at present?. We have to show them that with out our support they are nothing? Make sure that the rural education system is strong enough so that coming generation will learn the advantages of liberalization because if we try to convince the people who are already brainwashed by the local politcians we are going to loose faith in ourself becoz they only matter is three things Roti, Kapda and Makan. “Empower the rural youth, Automatically “India will empower”, Dont knw the way but knw the result is “India Shinning”. Sir i Respect the way you communicate the situations but this is India out of trillions of people only people you can count on hands will influence but what about the rest. Pen is mightier than Sword but bole toh Short Term Memory Loss is mightiest in India. People think about it very fast, but forgets faster. Chalo bye Sir. TC Keep Writing. I will keep reading & commenting.

  22. dolly says:

    Hi….happy to see ur articles which touches comman people heart….do somthing if u can.

  23. Ashima Khajuria says:

    Sorry, but you didn’t really offer any real solutions, as if students don’t have their own difficult lives to deal with or like MNCs will see beyond profit? (what would they get by catering the less consumerist cities?) Is that all our nation depends on ? Foreign help and a possibly brighter youth. Seriously?
    You know what we need? We need to turn off that ac and stop eating money and learn some work ethic.
    Sorry again!

  24. Ashima Khajuria says:

    Hey I just read all the comments. So even though I have already written what I had to say I wanted to ask a question and give a suggestion.

    Question: If there are so many revolutionary minds out here and on TV then why is India even facing these problems?

    Suggestion: Why don’t we form a society, work up a formula to cure the disease and send it to Mr. PM for approval? We can take media’s help.

    It will be better than sitting at home and criticizing.

  25. asma says:

    a country wants the youngistan to grow up.but at the age our politicians sit in parlament,they need pain killer.give all them pain killer.mostlikely the young people have take care of india.

  26. Vihang says:

    Very well written article. Two thumbs up to you Chetan. This caste game is being played in politics for years…People vote the person from their cast, when he/she comes to power nothing except their financial situation improves. And as said for the problems, we need a permanent solution instead of a quick fix and the permanent solution is educated youth in Indian politics who thinks about the country first. Chetan can’t you join politics, lead and show people the right way ahead to a prosperous and happy India ???

  27. Prasad Prabhu says:

    Sir, the solution that you mentioned is cliche, but true. I think its only solution. Caste-ism and regionalism are the root cause of this ignorance. Very well said sir, I hope these views reach the masses and hope next decade is a promising ones.

  28. Sanghati Mukherjee says:

    I m not here to comment something.I am here to tell you that, you became my inspiration and I wanted to be like you or I would say I wanted to be a writer like you. I saw your interview at just books on NDTV. I am quite surprised that you quit your job and became a full time writter. Its realy awesome. It’s shows that not only army people are serving our country but there are some people like you, who can serve our country without a gun. Now I have decided to write a book and it will be over by 2 to 3 months. Also I am waiting for your next book to come. I had read your latest book 2 states and it was awesome. I tell you a secret I really fall in love with a Kannadian Brahmin for her i left non-veg and smoking too. Well I started writting a story I hope it ends soon. I know know my english is not so good.So, i apologize for the above english.

  29. Chetan, You are absolutely right. I have my doubts that the people in power are not aware of these facts. In fact it is the power and the vested interests that corrupt and makes one blind or one starts to pretending to be blind. On the 15th of August 1947, union Jack was replaced by tricolour and white sahibs were replaced by brown sahib. These brown sahibs inherited the same British culture as they were educated in the same, they also inherited the colony left behind by Britishers.

    All the governance institutions, rules and regulations that were brought into existence by the colonial masters to exploit Indians and keep them subjugated were continued as it is. To give legitimacy to this newly acquired colony, we adopted electoral politics and have been perpetuating the regime of suppression, subjugation and exploitation through colonial governance institutions that provide absolute immunity from accountability. Our beloved first Prime Minister Chacha Nehru triumphantly continued this journey of control oriented governance in public interest for 17 years and passed the batton to our first cousin Indira Gandhi who further continued this control oriented colonial democracy for another 18 years.Chacha Nehru’s Grand son(our nephew) further assumed the charge and shook the earth on the untimely demise of our first cousin.

    Chacha Nehru’s control oriented policies not only proliferated public sector undertaking but it also proliferated the bureaucracy, the last legacy of colonial rule under exceptional immunity to accountability programme. The government of India began to do everything from baking bread to making cement, except taking charge of reproduction, no here I am wrong, the progeny of our beloved chacha had its own intervention programme on the production system of humans also (special family planning operations drive was launched).

    From this system of governance, emerged a new class of rulers comprising of the executive, legislature, judicially and partly the press. This new class of rulers began on the principle, you protect my back I protect your back. The colonial rulers filled the coffers in England but the new class of rulers began to amass wealth on foreign shores. This principle of back protection was further strengthened by the value of pernicious corruption and acted as the last nail in the coffin of democracy. On Batla house encounter when the class of ruled goes to rulers asking for a judicial inquiry, it is denied under the principle of ” you protect my back I protect yours”. The hapless ruled, went to judiciary and met the same fate, lest it demoralise the rulers. The principle of immunity to accountability is invoked everywhere.

    It has given rise to new class struggles where the one who are ruled, identify themselves and connect themselves with that everyone who rises against this corrupt regime. Unless the ruling class understands, it will continue, the people in Punjab have faced it, people in Kashmir are facing but the same abuse is being faced by everyone who is nobody in this largest electoral democracy of the word .The day is not far when this class of blind bureaucracy will succeed in its designs, driving every sane Indian to the forests to establish the new class order. “If the abuse be numerous, Nature will rise up, and claiming her original rights, overturn a corrupt system.”

    Your diagnosis is correct but the prognosis is unpredictable. Keep it up.

  30. Minal says:


    Your ‘so called’ thought provoking article was good to read but difficult to believe……

    let me ask u…..

    If it’s ur idea of going to rural places and educating the students over there, why don’t u start it urself? Have u ever experienced rural life? As per my knowledge, u have spent ur 35 years in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hong Kong, Singapore, and MUMBAI……Will u be ever to even highlight a single problem faced by rural India?

    U roam about with an IIT-IIM tag….Now, tell me, If u would have to study in a village where there would be no electricity for 16 hours a day, what would u do? Would u go out of the way and still make arrangements to finish your studies? I know ur answer would be a flat ‘NO’…….U would instead crib about the facilities provided by Indian Government…….right? But Chetan, I can dare to talk this way to u because I have been born and brought up in a place where there r no lights for 10 hrs a day….I have spent 25 years of my life in that place….And during the rainy season, trees used to fall…..many a times, electricity poles used to get ruptured….and we had to remain without light for 2-3 days in succession…..

    Even now, I am staying in that place only….Though the situation has improved now, it’s not like Mumbai.where there is hardly any electricity failure!!!!

    This was just an example, Chetan….Ruralites face problems of this sort every alternate day….

    U and Anusha are minting money at present…then, why don’t u adopt an orphan and try to do some social service? I bet..after carrying out such a noble operation, u will not have to visit Iskon to obtain peace of mind…..that activity itself will give u immense pleasure……..

    Chetan…..I would like a throw a proverb in front of u now… “Only the wearere knows where the shoe pinches.”
    Your article would have been taken positively had u yourself experienced the hardships of rural life….

    Just an advice….. “Reside in a chawl of proper Mumbai for at least a day……and then try standing in a queue for basic amenities like water…..Also, chawl people have to be content with a common w/c….c if u can actually stay in such a hand-to-mouth atmosphere……

    Chetan, It’s easy to write articles sitting in a plush apartment, with everything at ur service…But difficult to make two ends meet with limited income….

    Think over it!!!!

  31. Samir says:

    Good column.
    Hope that the chaps in PMO and North Block take note of it.

  32. MURTAZA says:

    HI Chetan, i am a regular reader of your writings.
    An inspiring article as always.
    The issue discussed here is very intelligently explained by William Bissell in his recently released book : “MAKING INDIA WORK” A must read.


    Hi H ar I,
    I read all comments which is for you so i really like love relationship between you and your FANS.
    your artical is really GOOD.
    so bye hARi.

  34. Dr Kiran Kumar says:

    Send educated youth to the villages?? How about we start with you?? Tell me how many days you have spent in a village in recent times?? or for that matter anytime?? Stop pedantic preaching from the outside.. Search for plausible and possible alternatives rather than doling out free advice that wouldnt amount to anything..

  35. folks were discussing this over at the loots community forum. it was starting to grow to be a heated topic.

  36. Dhruvin says:

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  37. ankitha.e. says:

    nice article…….. no comments. CB am ur great fan, hv read al ur 4 novels…….. am crazy about your novels. wish to meet u once in my life. plzzzzzzz keep writing

  38. Archita says:

    Really nice article.
    You have correctly analysed the problem.
    But for problems like this we need to find the correct root cause else we will be never be able to find a fix for these.

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