Where people are cheaper than fish

Dear All,

Here is my column in TOI today, on Bhopal. Must say was quite disturbed writing this one. Do read other people’s comments as well as they are often quite insightful. The link is here.



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  1. Minal says:

    For a change, something sensible came out of ur kitty, Chetan…….I hope u r not doing this to gain social mileage…If u have really written this from a humanitarian point of view, I back u….

  2. Srilaxmi says:


    Been a fan of your writings, now a fan of your blog… I sometimes am pained at the sad reality of politics in India… yesterday a kid in Kanpur died coz he couldnt get to hospital on time. Reason? Tight security for the PMs arrival jammed up traffic…!!! How long will this go on… what CAN we do about it?


  3. Shubhangini says:

    u r just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Taru says:

    indian politics sucks……..

  5. Meeta Parashar says:

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  6. satish lonkar says:

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  10. Aniket More says:

    hello sir
    I read 2 states n it was just too gud that book is like an inspiratn to me n it is the exact replica of my state from which m goin through.. but ur book rely helped m a lot thank you soo much n keep up the good work.
    Take care

  11. Prashanth says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I must say your novels are really very much interesting. I get inspire every time by reading what you have written.
    I accept your views , we Indians are cheaper than fish for the So called rulers (Our Politicians).
    Surely this was one of the biggest disaster happened in india .
    Lets see what Obama is going to do in his visit.

  12. Arpit Shah says:

    well,,, write abt mumbai gas leakage

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