Star Anchor Hunt Promo

Hi All,

As many of you know, I will be judging the Star Anchor Hunt for Star News, a show to find good TV anchors across the nation. As part of that, I did a short promo – my first ever on-camera work. Have a look!


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  1. Gaurav Patel says:

    it’s very good to see you on TV screen.but its not good when we looseing GREEN! my real IDOL, pleas use laptop in your next AD. Love you lot.

  2. sunil birda says:

    real u able for this show

  3. madhu says:

    wish u a vry vry good luck ….

  4. hello sir,likd ur video…its cool’ like you…….if you visit my blog than please make comments…we guys adore you sir,,,and it will be a gr8 thing for us…thanx_a fan from indore;(representing d crazy fan club of CHETAN BHAGAT;THE YOUTH ICON. from indore…)

  5. savyasachi mishra says:

    sir as usual ur super cool in this video,now apart from it we want more the fifth gift to the youth by chetan now which story sir the fifth novel…..

    savyasachi mishra

  6. Shashank says:

    Hey! That’s gud news

  7. itishree says:

    hiii chetan ,,
    i like ur story in 2 states very much. actly 2day i ve finished this book.(so late na),what to do i ve also complete my so busy with my project.actly dis story matched with one of my frnds life actly very much similar 2 dat story.

    good yaar.byee

  8. itishree says:

    i expect replyy one must

  9. mujeeb says:

    hye chetan….
    you knw i have gone through ur handwriting and what i found many gud thngs about ur character…
    1.u are a optimistic person…
    2.u have a persistence
    3.u have conectivity with people but its low..
    4.things in ur life are arranged in proper sense(marriage,relationship ) u can take all around things into consideration…….

    and chetan i m writing a novel name (“BLIND DATES ON BLIND NET”)……………waiting for ur wishes n ur gud luck dear.n hannn vaise what all are u doing in this anchor hunt its not for uu chetan….. ur video is as same as gurpreets comedy show yarr…i wanna see u in it …

    we alj like uu chetan keep it up

  10. mujeeb says:

    i once again watched your video n i bust to laugh seriously its not fr uu .. u cant handel a camera in front of uu …..the video shows that u havent seen ideas advertisement…..why to waste papers yarrr……

    so i suggest uu nse idea that will give uu vibrations to write ur “…..” in mobile that my idea sirjeee……


  11. Vipul Mehra says:

    Hi Chetan,
    Hope to see a good thing coming out of this series & Also learning as well.

    By the way, have you ever thought of Shaving before going in front of Camera.

  12. paramita says:

    hii sir…great news that we can frequently see on tv…read ur books….only wish..want an autograph on one of ur books….hav a nice day sir…tc.

  13. abhijeet says:

  14. ajeta krishnatre says:

    ap acha kar sakte ha ?????
    by wasting paper!!!!
    good i do it every day

  15. Priya says:

    Coool :). You look great.

  16. Priya says:

    Chetan..u look good & simple. But the concept of ur servat cleaning ur mess was something I didnt except from u..

  17. Priya says:

    Sorry I meant servant:)

  18. Nmarata says:

    sir,odd from d topic…..i just wanted 2 give you a feed back…on d story of my marrige ‘2 states’..m in a process of reading it..its just d best……

  19. Nmarata says:

    i feel like i 2 have a talant of writing ,i have sent u a mail,….plz check it out..

  20. manisha says:

    just completed “two states”..third one as per my count..was good enough…thats why was expecting more from this ad…
    its just average..but still would like to see the show..

  21. rubina says:

    sir u can try n movies……. u can act well enough…. that was a complement….

  22. Anupama says:


    it wud b great watching u on screen..

    gud luck sir..

  23. IITIAN says:

    You have portrayed a wrong image of IIT’s .. dnt u feel sorry for that ..
    newaz promo is very cool 😉
    keep rockin buddy

  24. Charu Nanda says:

    u’ll rock on screen sir.

    we’ll b waitin to c u on screen

  25. ramesh says:

    Hai Chetan i’m ramesh from tamilnadu. I’m a big fan of all your books. I feel very guilty of reading all those after downloading from rapidshare. Hereafter i’ll read all your forthcoming books after purchasing them. Sorry!!!!!!

  26. Vidhya says:


    When is the star hunt starting? keen to see that….please tell the date and time

  27. Lauren Louro says:

    As well as the necessities of food and water in the bunkers, they will also have items such as seeds for growing their own produce over the years. The combination of food and water ready for immediate consumption with seeds to grow future produce will sustain many families for years after. Some people estimate that it would be years before the soil is able to sustain life, if it ever returns to that state.

  28. Divya says:

    hey Chetan !! nice to see u on screen .. ur d best !!

  29. akhil says:



  30. rudra says:

    sir first of all i ll njoy the programme.i do think u will make me excited along with others.good luck.

  31. Alpana says:

    Great! waiting to see you on screen… being a big fan of yours. Make sure that you dnt disappoint us!:-)))

  32. kuhu says:

    it seems the one who collects the litter has immense potential to be a star..and if i am not wrong the video has more to offer but discreet enough to be surfaced with the “surprize” …. thats what the hunt is for….either there is more to come or there should have been more to b added…else why would a modestly clad youth appear in the video at the first place along with mr chetan bhagat who is busy with the audacity of misusing the papers jst for the sake of deciphering the term love???

  33. Chirag says:

    I liked it, that’s cool…

  34. Thats lovely stuff you have written up on this blog. Have been looking for it all over. Nice blog

  35. SHALINI PRABHA says:

    use eraser wud pencil too………….n really love is MIRACLE:)

  36. SHALINI PRABHA says:

    UR FAN NO.1

  37. SHALINI PRABHA says:


  38. naina says:

    good 2 c u on television.. plz do tell me wats d timing of dis m working n no time to watch t.v but will watch to c u.. and plz chaitan bhaiya DO NOT WASTE PAPER..

  39. aswathi says:

    dats simply superb.. realy nice.. nice to see u on screen

  40. anish says:

    well chetan just being a bit frank with you i dont think you look much good on screen….your better in the writings….well still lets see how it goes on…HOPE THE BEST FOR YOU :)

  41. monika says:

    its too excited for me to c u on screen u know i eagerly want to see u on screen u r my fav u know i hope ur new book come soooon plz reply me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee see u on tv byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee missssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  42. Kanchan Singh says:

    Hi chetan!! as usual rocking :-)

  43. Tarun Khanna says:

    We r sure…….you’ll rock in this as wel

  44. jim says:

    you are wasting too much of a paper if you are writing that way in real life as well.. why not use notepad and delete the file each time you dont like it :)

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