Cut motion or cutting your wrists? Advice for BJP

Dear All,

My column in TOI today on the failed cut motion by BJP. The link is here.

As always, comments welcome as they make it a more meaningful discussions. Readers please read the comments as well.




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  1. Naveen Joseph says:

    I feel the “novelist” chetan is no match to the “clumnist” chetan. The method of dissecting an Indian Political party wearing the glass of IIM strategies….i dont know how far it works. I was pondering over an idea: what if Indian political parties start recruiting the IIM graduates to manage their “business.” Hope chetan will answer….

  2. Ashish says:

    This blog was good.

  3. Vishal says:

    Chetan if you read all the comments here & there with mine too…
    Then at least write, a new article using your exclusive media space & network, & present the view of true secular & straight (if you are??) that what seems right & wrong in this issue.
    I know may be this time you think that why i right such article & step my foot in this mud.
    But now as you are in, i welcome you to do some sensible work or i simply expect that from you as i love your books & your writer honest feeling in them.
    If you can’t then give me a chance to write, i do the work for you, if you like then publish it with your name. i kept my anonymity more happily.
    :) wait for your comments !!! as everyone do right now.

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