How to clean up a drug cartel

Hi All,

My column in TOI today on the IPL. Your comments are welcome, and I encourage you to read other people’s comments as well.

The article is here .

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  1. prajosh says:

    hi chetan,

  2. prajosh says:

    hi chetan,

    some technical error occured while i was trying to post my comment, ur view was different from others n a loved reading it!

  3. Aditya says:

    nice article … i sent u SMS on ur b’day … u din’t reply back …

  4. Praveen Venkatachari says:

    Hi Chetan,

    Well written, as always.A couple of decades back, no one would have dreamt that this classic game would be in the news for such shabby reasons.Given the quantum of dirt surrounding the Indian cricket mgt, it victimises not only the fans, but also the good players.It is hard to believe that a sincere attempt would be made to cleanse the system, for it contains nothing but the top shots.

    P:S – Guess, u had done a copy paste error.(Hi All,
    My column in TOI today on Mayawati’s garland. Your comments are welcome, and I encourage you to read other people’s comments as well.)

  5. Respected sir, I do agree to what you say. However there are many other things we have to deal with when it comes to answering our kids. Now take an example, one kid while watching three idiots asked me, “why did Aamir uncle kiss Kareena aunty on her lips?”other kid asked me why do “sharukh uncle wears 1cr blazer when there are people who struggle for a piece of cloth to cover themselves”
    I replied, “Amir uncle was checking his lips reach overcoming nose while Sharukh uncle was checking his his money reach overcoming poor”

  6. Namrata B says:

    Hi Chetan Sir,
    very thoughtfully written…..But u know the unfortunate thing? People will read it today…….praise u for the article, think for sometime da way u thought it to be n tommorow 4get everything while watching IPL finals.
    this is the tendency of INDIANS…thousands n lacs of people have already spent lots of money to book their tickets in stadium, multiplexes n sports bar.
    I personally dont like the whole concept of IPL….n now bollywood n fashion merging with it…i mean money can be spent to do many other things in india which will help our country to overcome the problems it is facing…Rich people can also get fame by doing some good deeds rather than spending on them who r already rich.

  7. Jeevan says:

    Its not the way for a political party showing dalit spirit and Ambedkerism to do this type of foolishness as other of many political parties supporting capytalist and imperialist view…Mayawati had shown us the worst politics of India..politics had become poly tricks..its the moment for a political awekening..

  8. Nagarjun says:

    1) How is this related to “Mayawati’s garland”? Change the topic, looks like you forgot to change the topic while pasting from previous post.

    2) Cricket does make us less productive as we sit and watch it and waste our time.

  9. shubham pandey says:

    hi sir,
    i think media and other people are crating a mountain out o a mole hill. where were they for past 3 years.

  10. PS says:

    The only hight point about this piece was a perfect American Gangster reference. :)
    I’ve noticed lately that when CB dwells into serious mode the straightforward wittiness disappears, it could be just me !!

  11. nirav says:

    Dear Sir
    Nice article, but I do not understand when you criticize politicians or leaders of opposition parties with their name in your other articles, why no courage to mentioned names of ruling party leaders & ministers involved in the IPL racket. I hope you will encourage readers to read this comment also.

  12. subhajit sikdar says:

    Its nice to know your view in IPL controvercy.You are very much right on the Accountability of the BCCI and as a common people we have to have the right to know where our heard earn money goes.
    Please keep your good work.

  13. Vijitha says:

    Hi Chetan,
    Cricket today has truly become similar to a drug conspiracy..especially after the IPL begun its showcase. Its unfortunate that talented players are being abused like this……..
    The Media also doesn’t stay back and crafting it BIG…..!!! Commendable Work!!!

  14. savyasachi mishra says:

    hey chetan
    hiee jst wanna say that dont u think this ipl blast or whole this modi chapter is goin too high it should go or not i cant say but,dnt u think this will end up in way as “srk-shivsena” war ended with lots of hype and no result or no major result in the end except dirty publicity

    savyasachi mishra

  15. Aditi Mukherjee says:

    Agree with your thoughts on the matter. It is sad that a handful of people, driven by greed and money, can hijack a sport which is the national passion of millions. Hope this is the start of a new and better chapter for Indian cricket.

  16. Salil says:

    It was a great read. You have managed to perfectly capture the angst shared by a (surprisingly) small portion of Indians over the IPL circus. It would be interesting to get your stand on the 20-20 format.

  17. Parul says:

    what an aggressive article ??? full of passion and anger

  18. Neha Singh says:

    Hey Chetan

    The article was thought-provoking and was an effective articulation of views which is shared in common by us on this issue.

    Cricket has lost its essence and feel to “Cricketainment” taking place in the form of IPL. But the more critical issue is the dirty politics going on in its name.

    It is just that one of the many harsh truths has come into light but there are other uglier ones which are swept under the carpet.

  19. Manu says:

    Thanks for making us Indians living in America so proud. I have personally promoted your latest book to so many Americans and they absolutely loved it. Congrats once again for being in the TIME Magazine for being one of the 100 most influential people in the world. You really make us proud, keep writing brother.

  20. Kalyan says:

    Hi Chetan,

    One can easily see your frustration towards this issue……and yes it is the same with most of the Indians if not all. Someone has to raise the question about the “big money” involved……

    What about your next book….we are waiting very eagerly….

  21. Mayawati is really making a mockery of democracy and public money . You r right in judging her psychology . she is basically lacking of basic human qualities for which she thinks money display will make-up that .When will the great common people force of UP wake up, shrugging off the timidity and throw out such shameless characters out of the power blocks?I don’t think there is any real pressure on her from either intellectual ,educated and vocal people of UP or the power circles of her own Party who have minimum self respect and dignity? She is doing whatever she likes- unexplained ? and it will continue for the future ?

  22. chelian says:

    Well written article. When money speaks everyone listens, I guess money speaks very loudly in IPL so whatever you and our friends say here wont matter to anyone in the establishment.

    Just think why a man of Sharad Pawar’s stature wants to become the BCCI chairman, answer is simple money. AC Muthiah and Jagmohan Dalmia, very rich men and they all kept BCCI chairmanship. Why no one cares about field hockey, a game that India dominated not too long ago. It is all money my friend. If you remove Vitamin M (money) you will resolve the problems, Cricket will go back to its boring self.

    Anyway enough of the rant, I love reading your novels, Eventhough I am from TamilNadu, still can’t help laugh at your jokes about TN and Tamilians in “2 states”. Now please get back to writing a novel :-)

    Thank you

  23. blah blh blah says:

    Only GOD in his Kali avatar can clean up India and its woes of corruption. No alternate suggestions to make the opaque things transparent will ever be implemented…EVER.

  24. vajradehi says:

    Hi Chetan Sir
    Congratulation for coming in the Forbes list of 100 most influential person. We are proud of you.

    Vajradehi Yadav

  25. Roger Foks says:

    Yummy recipe! Thanks!

  26. arun says:

    Hi Chetan,

    Me2 as most people say is your biggest fan,I guess it will be pretty much difficult to change the Indian cricket Board working straight away because there is some HUGE MONEY involved there. I guess the Budget of BCCI is double that of Indias annual financial budget, unless we fans boycot watching cricket matches on TV or in stadiums the BCCI will work in the same way…

  27. Ted Stallcup says:

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  28. HI Chetan,

    Excerpts from my article on IPL..
    IPL: Fun, Fad or Fever…Nah! Just show me the money!

    “Cricket Cricket Cricket,” said one of the TV commercials from the past, “it’s a silly game.” Cricket itself has always been a ‘fad’ for a lot of Indians who are a cricket crazy bunch of people, so is the Indian Premier League (IPL). It has been ‘fun’ for everyone who watches or plays it, but the Modis’ and the Tharoors’ were the lucky ones to be infected by the ‘fever’.
    IPL is a money minting business; from players to followers everyone wants to make money. Former earns by playing for a club and the later can earn by betting, owning a franchisee, screening in the theatre or simply by advertising. IPL is a commercial product. It is the paradise for advertisers, one because it attracts many eye balls and two the ‘spot-rate’ is a skyrocket to the paradise.

    Pls visit:


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