The Money Python

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My column in TOI today on Mayawati’s garland. Your comments are welcome, and I encourage you to read other people’s comments as well.

The article is here.

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  1. Avani says:

    hi, CB

    first of all I love your writings..thks for giving us superb reads.

    Apart from these, why don’t you write something on new act of Mayawati and some other morons, who asking money from central government to implement right to education act. Can’t she use her million’s of rupees and her jewel studded accessories to do so for own children of her state. (way she usually quotes’ them). Can’t you media guys, writers and IIMA philosophers do something to make these imbecile politicians understand the pressing and vital issue of educations for growth of our nation?

  2. Aparna says:

    Hi, i was about to put comment that i liked your column. But when i read the comments from Tee, i stopped! I never thought of the point he mentioned. The Respect…. May be i never encountered the situation being from so called high class. But i think, i agree with him. May be the respect is none less important for them(or for that matter everyone of us) than food/money!! Showing off that the money/ powers are in her control would have made them feel better!!

  3. sunny says:

    you talk of ethics ..But then why align/associate with ill reputed media company.

  4. Sattibabu says:

    I think people U.P should be much worried.I am not from U.P BTW.

  5. hey I like the post. Found this from doing a google search. Ive been looking for this sort of thing for a while. This info will come in handy to me. I will check back soon to search the rest of your blog. thanks

  6. Sunil Sharma (Rajoriya) says:

    U must increase ur connectivity with us on blog …..
    gap must not be huge

  7. Sunil Sharma (Rajoriya) says:

    I read ur article about “Batua” of “Ameer” regarding IPL in Dainik Bhaskar.
    U commented very logically, it was very daring one.

    Our thinkers & writers need to be bold, impartial as u r.

    keep it up…..

  8. Sunil Sharma (Rajoriya) says:

    Chetan Bhai,

    What do u think about Naxalism?
    Is it a govt. created problem or circumstantial?
    Plz write about naxalite…..

  9. Sunil Sharma (Rajoriya) says:

    75 CRPF Soldier have been killed in Gurilla War
    who is responsible?
    Definitely … extreemist naxalies… but incompetent govt.(irresponsible govt. policies & lack of administration) is in root of this problem.

  10. Bishal Jha says:

    that was not a python!!!! that was an ANACONDA!!!!!

  11. ashutosh singh kushwaha says:

    hats off !!

  12. RAJJ says:

    just by hanging the python you will not suceed in getting what you hope for the inhuman treatment is only going to stopped with the help of education and strict dicipline neither can be seen under mayawati rule and remember an eye for eye willonly give disastrous effects

  13. bipin says:

    what a point,they only need to work not to wear garland.

  14. Whazz up … mayawati is ideal example for us we vote they punish us …politician wanna hang their boots if they dont knw how to run the state or their govt .. even writers should do their business not involve in stupid conterversies … mayawati has to be layed off and never be elected

  15. ur book 2 states really rocks…..

  16. u should right more books…….chetan……..u r really an awesum writer………

  17. ur article was fantastic

  18. hey can u plz give me some suggestions for a love story which m writing……..

  19. dharmesh joshi says:

    hi there,
    just finished your 2 states. marvellous. excellent superb love story. great character depiction. good words. i was fucked off man. sorry for the bad language. but i was really. hoping to see something new with you. hats off man. you are the greatest writer ever produced by india.
    have you thought of writing poems ?
    ha ha ha just joking. don’t do that otherwise you will be f….. off. sorry again.
    go for it.

  20. SM says:

    Ok….here we are…so many of us….we have helplessly watched the hag show off….and make us feel like fools….

    whose money is that btw?…..isnt she answerable to any person/authority in this country…things happen in this country…we react and then we forget…is that it?…

    wat she did was outright wrong and all of us know it….why should we even justify it so much….

    cant she be made answerable?

  21. Bhavi Patel says:

    Amen! Very Well Said!

  22. Nandita says:

    “the Gandhi images may add a nice touch of irony to the decor”

    FANTASTIC Remark to all those corrupt leaders in society eating our hard earned money!!

  23. Juhi says:

    It became a common practice now a days for the people to show there wealth .
    But when leaders do it gives a wrong impact to the society.while doing this they forget that they are showing their so called foolishness which is going to ruin them after sometime.

  24. Joy says:

    like if u call ur dad PAPAJI ur children will also call him PAPaJI unless taught that he is the DADAji.ur article told that the oldies r actually sending a wrong msg in our little one’s minds.Great thought,but it also seems if Mayawati was a bit little better educated she won’t be harrasing the money as she does now.

  25. athithya ponusammy says:

    ambedkar enforced on education to all that reflected in its constitution formation.that all we know. when our legilature passed the right to education.mayawathis statement is that her governmant has no money for implenting hie act and her governmet requires fund from central government.but they will have to buil statues of ambedkar all over his state and a money garland for her.
    jai hind!

  26. Susan G says:

    I have frequented your site before. The more I visit, the more I keep coming back! 😉

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  33. surender says:

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