Chocolate Cake and Terror

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My column in TOI today on the Pune terror attacks. Do read and give your rational thoughts and ideas on how terrorism can be managed in a practical manner.

The article is here.

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  1. Roopak says:

    man…u r intelligent!! ways to curb terrorism effectively such simply put across…wil follow ur articles regularly from now!

  2. surya says:

    Hi Chetan,

    Nice write-up… But I feel there’s no solution to terrorism… Just one thing that maybe we can all do is to keep doing whatever we want in life ‘coz you never know when it’ll all end… one bomb blast, you can just die… cynical of me, but I don’t know what else can be done… coz nothing can be done… if bombs have to explode in crowded places, then what can be possibly done? who can stop it? you cant check a billion people.

  3. vishal sharma says:

    dear sir i totally agree with you and i have noted all 3 points which is mentioned by u in this article and try to impliment them.
    your todays article was really an eye opner for me i frequently used to read and hear abut the blasts and terrorist activites done by terrorist and naxalites just after the every disastrus i used to abuse the people behind that our police and politician and forget it next day but after reading your article i realized that i also can be the victim one day . we can not realize the pain of victims of such blasts and attack , if we really want to realize that we have to go and see that mother who lost his son that wife who lost his husband and that child who lost his father.

  4. Prithviraj Banerjee says:

    The problem is that we are very good at blaming the govt, the system and paK, but what role are we playing to stop it.There are detectors all over the city but neither we nor the managment care when we pass thru them its just an rule by govt to install it and we have it installted if its beeps who cares!!!.

    If we make it a point that we are checked every time we pass through it & every individual does it and make sure that the person next to him or bheind him is aslo cheked, the day is not far when we would have a better and safer place to live.

    Its not that what is country doing for you..its what you are doing for the country.

  5. M says:

    See this. It is hilarious and it is a shot at you.

  6. rajat verma says:

    first of all, i was shocked when i read ” It could’ve been us”. thank god ur family is safe.
    i think that our leaders are more responsible for these incidents, than terrorists. we( the people of india )shud wake up and raise our voice against terrorism. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW INDIANS HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.

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  11. vakkas says:

    Terrorism by all means is heinous crime which must be eradicated. This is the need of hour to find the root cause of terrorism to put an end to it, irrespective of it is Indian naxalite and Maoist terrorism or Pakistani fundamentalist terrorism. We should never allow any heinous activities to deprive the human rights in any shape. We the common people are against any violent acts even if it is state sponsored.
    Vakkas M LLB

  12. Toufique Islam says:

    gr8 article.. chetan, u r a pride of our nation.

  13. Aman Gupta says:

    Terrorism has started flowing into the blood of people now. More than external, we are suffering from interal conflicts. Some want separate state, someone wants to build his statues, some are selling India with frauds and scams, some poeple are overfilled with the ideas of communism, humanism holds no place.

    I feel our cultural values which we have claimed for years and we would continue to boast about, are now shattered. We are not Indian anymore. The civilazation has now become uncivilized.

    Do we need a new education system to recivilize ourselves. Atlease I am not very confident about my country’s SANSKAR and SHIKSHA

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