Coz peace ain’t love, baby

Dear All,

My column in TOI today on Indo-Pak peace, posted here. Do read,  would love to know your thoughts. Also read the comments left on this blog, which often tend to be very interesting and insightful as well.




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  1. lucky says:

    Ajay Grover has summed it all.
    Yes, we sure have to give peace a chance, but not with the clauses like “exclude terrorist attacks from our side of the border” from the so called peace process.

    It never works to have a process like ” I keep kicking you on your but, you keep smiling !! “

  2. manoj says:

    would luv it if there’s a revolution of sorts, n if u ever take a stand n stick to it, i will be the 1st person behind/ beside u…..!

  3. Victor Basu Roy says:

    Its a very crisply written column and I loved the way you focused on the true essence of the word “Peace”…Hope this dream of ours as Indians will soon be a reality.

  4. Phani Nalluri says:


    I’m not in complete terms with your observation on this.I recollect you mentioning the budget on defence spend(s) in some other column of you also. It’s a fact in the world we are living in, we need to have a decent budget for defense and India has it’s own challenges having volatile neighbours all around.If defence budget’s are the vital factor that made you to elevate the importance of peace(not love) with Pakistan, then i’m puzzled.Even having that budget we don’t have right arsenal, good wages and proper retirement benefits for the so selfless people who are gaurding us in borders and with-in country.I’m totally in disagreement that India should strive for establishing the democracy in Pakistan. Forget about that, we can’t solve so many burning issues with in our country – every other party wants a seperate state and first priority for sons of soil..:-(
    I might be sorry, but this is one of my first time I couldn’t agree with your perspectieve.
    I believe economic progress and defense strength going hand-in-hand can only make a nation powerful, not cutting down the defense budgets. Rather I might have been happy if you could have piled up the stats showing how much of those budgets are getting utilisied for the proper, right intended ways. Also, peace will never sustain unless you love or afraid of the other!!

    Best Regards
    Phani Nalluri

  5. Shradha Jalan says:

    hiee..i want to know which days does your article get published in the newspaper.

  6. RAFEEK says:

    Chetanji as usual u have done well. I find no logic in praising ur writing skill. Its gift from God and u r using it in good manner.the formula we want to solve India-Pak problem is not the series of talks.Politicians from the both sides should be sincere enough to solve the existing tension.the rest will come automatically…..

    eagerly waiting forur fifth book and useful articles….

    with love….
    your fan……

  7. Nisha says:

    Hi Chetan

    Read that article..but left it mid-way.. i really dont undrstnd how many times will we hav ppl vouching for indo-pak peace process.. i jus fail to see ne point in that.. i think its imp to now undrstnd d view of those who have lost their near and dear ones in these terrorist activites…for no fault of their own.. do they really want peace?? After 26/11 .. i feel ashamed dat we still talk bout making peace with pak.!!! i think dat nation is nothing but a failed state & a world migraine !!

  8. vikram indian says:

    hi chetan sir
    i think about pakistan and india .they r enemy bcoz usa and china wants.i m in noida these days i saw people they drink water from dirty rivers .they are hungry.there is no mean for them what is pakistan what is india .they only wants food.there is only one solutation that india+pakistan+bangladesh+nepal+bhutan=single country

  9. vikram indian says:

    do u think i m right?

  10. lakshay says:

    really persuasive….

  11. Shafi Bubere says:

    hi chetan i am great fan of yours.have read all your books.loved 2 states and 3 mistakes.anyways in one of the interviews Mr.Vidhu Vinod chopra while speaking to TOI correspondent he said ” I would not like to see the face of Chetan Bhagat for the rest of my life” i was really hurt on readin that.What do u have to say about that.Did u reply to his comments ?

  12. Prashant Tyagi says:

    helo sir,

    the suggestion of supporting democracy in pakistan is very good. yes that wil solve a number of problems in their country and may also change their attitude towards us.a change in leadership leads to a change in history after all.

    sir, we must also support the larger objective of having a peaceful nation of would be much better that our leadership is positive and diplomatic enough for the territorial issues against china and pakistan.the internal security needs a much better upgradation and law-friendly.i mean that my fiends must take it as a privilege to join police forces than army.after all,once any terrorist intrudes into indian boundaries or unpeaceful factors become aggressive,its the police which will control them(first) and not the ballistic missiles.
    sir,last again i support your view of “stitching” the patriots together so that they can make their cause more pronounced.
    along with you,i dream of a better india before my death.
    love you a lot…

  13. vikram indian says:

    sir ji kabhi jawab bhi de diya karo hum hi kahte rahte hai aap bhi kuch kah diya karo.bhai aapke fan hai,fans ko naraj mat karo

  14. Neha says:

    I agree with you on the importance of Talking about India-Pakistan peace BUT the talk initiative should be done in the right way.

    Anything that I might say would fall short of this article (
    If I may suggest you to read (you might have already)this article.

  15. Sri Krishna says:

    You have done well in putting all the points about the Indian and Pakistani peace process and what India has done for it. but how can we as a govt or people instill democratic campaigns in Pakistan, wouldn’t that be considered an act of interference with other countries internal affairs. In my opinion i can see the only option of United Nations to do such a work. but if it has that type of authority why wouldn’t it become possibility till now???
    anyway if u can through some light on this issue, we could claim that we have done a good job. i mean explaning the situation is good but finding the solution to the current problem at hand is nice 😀
    hope India and Pakistan become good allies for the next generation peace process to who knows other civilizations.

  16. Manish says:

    Not talking to Pakistan is like a crying baby reacting furious with rage, an immature action. What militants did in Pune is not something you can hold entire Pakistan responsible for! Please think of militants as militants not Pakistani or Afgani. They are a bunch of individuals misled on the name of Allah by extremists and to help this happened, important ingredients were poverty, illiteracy, and hate from non muslim countries. Think of peace as “Peace is baby Krishna who is born to kill Kansa, the militants”. Let the peace grow up and it will take care of the rest.
    Chetan, I am sure you reach the masses by writing in English but I believe you will reach masses more effectively if you write similar stuff in daily Hindi newspapers that reach more readers because that is where an ideology needs a fundamental change. Most readers still believes in hate Pakistan, build Ram temple on bawari masjid and likes.

  17. Abinash says:

    itzz a very gud article 4 da young generation…

  18. swati says:

    Why do we have to talk to Pakistan for?
    Yes, peace with Pakistan is both desirable and practical…but definitely not possible. We really don’t have to delve deep in history to see what reaction they have to our ‘peace talks’.

    And what self respect would we have as a nation when each peace talk begins with the line “This is our last peace offer”…India can’t change its stance everytime govt changes at centre.

    And whom is India supposed to talk to? We can officially interact with people who are unofficially have no control over the elements in their country.

    And this government lacks the firmness to deal with Pakistan. Even before Pak admits to its role in 26/11 our prime minister gleefully enters a joint statement Sharm el Sheikh, telling the world that yes…Pak gave us 26/11 to us…but we did the same in Baloch…oops. guilty.
    This goverment is spineless, shameless, tactless, brainless, useless.
    Everyone wishes for peace with Pak…just as we wish education system in India was better, the money in Swiss banks be brought back to India….but some things are just not possible and we have to live with it.

    Expecting Pak to stop its malicious activities against India…is like expecting a tiger to turn vegetarian.

  19. saurabh says:

    i agree to your point upto some extent. but the question is,is pak trustable any more! elements which were involved in 26/11 attacks are still roaming and living a lavish life over there. their media holds Indians responsible for attacks on Sri Lankan cricket team.we ve submitted every evidence of kasab being a pakistani still his nationality is believed to be unknown today!.always attempts have been made by them to obstruct our development in every aspect.each ‘class’ of people are being targeted including foreign tourists.we should stop every dealings with them and make our intelligence agencies more efficient and powerful to confront such threats.

  20. bhavesh says:

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  21. Raghav says:

    Just the heading had me laughing.
    Great article!

  22. Namit Ranjan says:

    awesome article! loved reading ur column… :)

  23. Amit Shah says:

    Hi dear Chetan,

    I had read your books – five points…, Three Mistakes… and One Night at Call Center. All r owesome. I personally like “Three Mistakes of My Life…” Its really a nice story & Conversation is excellent…!!

    As far as “Mission of Peace between India – Pakistan” I have my own viwes that the government or say Politics of both countries are the only duo require to act well. Citizens of both countries never except any cheos. First of all the Messege of Peace should be spread amongst the politicialns & then Citizens. I just want to say that , “East or West, India & The People Of India Are The Best But The Bloody Courrupted System Is Completely A Waste…”

    First of all the Government, its officials & all the polititions have to present the best for our country & if they do , I’m sure that “Mission Of Peace” will be one of the successful mission ever in the History of the world…

    Thank you…

  24. Amit Shah says:

    hi Dear Chetan,

    Article publoshed in TOI is good one…
    keep it up…

    Love u & wish u have a gr8 future..

  25. Sunil says:

    Dear Chetan,

    It is regarding your book “One [email protected] center”. In the para on ‘conversation with God’ you have mentioned four different routes to success viz. intelligence, imagination, loss of confidence and failure. Could you please elaborate the first two i.e. intelligence and imagination respectively.

  26. nayan monpara says:

    hi Chetan,

    very well written article. most of the indians wants the same thing. very nice article.

  27. Dhiranjan kumar says:

    well written Article Sir

  28. Rashpreet Kaur says:

    the best line in the whole article was, “sometimes in life, it is about taking the better option, even if it doesn’t appear to be macho”. i wish everybody understood this coz life would be so much easier. i agree in toto with all that u have written. we need u out there in that talk shop called Parliament where the present and future of our country is decided my incompetent and “selfless” (in the ayn rand philosophy sense) morons.

  29. Puneet Pandey says:

    Nice article with fresh thought!.’Promoting democracy’ is really a new angle from which India can approach towards Pakistan with great support from world as well.I hope some bureaucrat,decision maker and most important aam public read it and give it a momentum in form of action.

  30. Arun B. Bagve says:


    Chetal, U r right but india loose young blood in the terrerist attack every day n media gives only two lines news.
    That 2 jawnas shahid in kasmir while rahul gandhi visit to Mumbai is the 24/7 news on channls.

    Young blood also want peace but why we not follow the path of Israel. They fight with 5 arab country pollitically and with artilery also but they r not behind, They having great progress in all area as well as teach the lesson to all enyimies.
    They polliticaly also strong in UN.

    Why we r not follow them ?

    I just remember my young brother at -20 C in ice of kargil when my dear indian friends listening the music of Pakistani artist at 20 C air conditoner in Aman ki aasha n beg for peace.

  31. Deblina Banerjee says:

    I read your article. It is very heart touching & we the Indians also feel he same what you have written.Like us the people in Pakistan also feels that war,violence is not the solution. I am very confident to say this because I have friends in facebook they are from Pakistan.After all we are human being.I also thankful to Ms Anusha Bhagat who inspires you to write this article. Thank you to both of you………..

  32. Ajay says:

    Really nice chetan…u r superb yaar…keep it up…

  33. shiven says:

    ur books are awesome
    i like them very much
    and my all friends like ur books

  34. Dear Chetan,

    How more decades do we need,
    To quench our thirst of caste and creed
    How much should I, pay as fees
    To make my country “Rest in Peace”

    Is the very thought that came to my mind reading your article.
    Though a very late response for the article written on Feb 7th, its better late than never to have read your article now.
    I respect the bigger picture of your comparison of the golden quadrilateral highway than to the money spent on defense should we call it for no reasons? Doubt no…

    But the perspective angle of yours to Why we need peace in place of war was amazingly true. Probably we know what it takes.. but we don’t want to digest the fact that, this is wt it takes to go for India – Pakistan Peace.. for, if tht happens then thr may be no more drama left to play..

    so, Thank you for deciphering the truth once again..


  35. Good post. I like the views you have presented.

  36. Mansi says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I am a big fan of your writing and read all your novels and waiting eagerly for next one.Especially, the way you shape emotions is awesome.The latest,Two states was amazing and the way you described the world of love and sacrifice,simply left me imagining it till 2 days.
    Heres my link:
    Would be obliged, if you let me know if i should aim for a career in writing, though i am a naivete at that.

  37. Guirish says:

    Hi, Chetan,
    Good piece of writing and close to my heart, thanks. I have always felt that people of Pakistan are really no different from the people of India. We have same needs, aspirations and above all culture (North Indians). We should give peace a chance and move towards greater cooperation. It is true Pakistan needs a truly representative democracy like we have in the USA or India. If that is not possible they should consider splitting up like the previously soviet republics. Religion needs to play a lesser role in the government of Pakistan as it has little relevance in the modern day subcontinent. Freedom of the people from ignorance and poverty should help realize peace.

  38. saara says:


  39. Gopal Agarwal says:

    i loved the following punch lines
    sometimes in life, it is about taking the better option even if it doesn’t appear to be MACHO
    all we are saying is just give peace a chance

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