The FPS play

Dear All,

Five Point Someone is now a play! Produced by Evam, India’s top theatre company, this play will be rolled out around the country with nine cities covered in the first phase.

My love for theatre (used to do lots of plays in college) and Evam’s passionate team (the founders quit their corporate job offers after their MBA to start Evam) means they have my full support for taking Indian theatre to a new level. Evam’s plays are awesome, and you can ask anyone who has seen them. The FPS adaptation will be a fire cracker.

They are offering early bird tickets on their site. Performances are live, hence limited in number and tickets sell out soon. So, don’t miss this one.

The link with all the details is here.




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  1. Ankit Arora says:

    Great going Chetan !
    I would love to see the play in Prithvi theatre or NCPA in Mumbai…

    Way to go for FPS…

  2. Team Evam says:


    Regarding the play coming to Kerala, we’ve definitely not ruled it out…if we find we have an audience for it there, we promise to look into coming and performing there.

    Thanks again!

    Team evam

  3. Team Evam says:

    Thanks for all the good wishes!
    Hope to see you all at the shows!


    Team Evam

  4. Divya Chauhan says:

    Woah.. there are so many shows of EVAM in Bangalore :).. I am so happy.. Chetan, hopefully these guys will give you all the credit you deserve, unlike Vidhu Vinod Chopra and the rest of the 3 Idiots team!!! All the best!! :)

  5. Sucheta Dabholkar says:

    This fantastic movie 3 idiots is clearly a case of general adaptation of Five Point Some One.(And yes I have read this book!) Denying it, is Plagiarism ( If y’all; Amir Raj and Vidhu are reading this).Atleast Amir should have known better,that original source deserves due respect and authentication.It appears that the soul of the movie is the Five Point Some One!

    And yes I am neither related to nor a fan of Chetan Bhagat.
    Just stating facts!!!

  6. Fix Xbox 360 says:

    Hope to see the play in most of the Indian cities.. Way to go, Chetan Bhagat!

  7. Dola says:

    hey Mr Bhagat, thats great…. great news…. i am a big big fan of yours, and i always encoureged people around me to read FPS… its one of my fev book… its a book i red during my MBA… its not only a wounderful book…. but a wounderful experience for a bengali medium student (me)…
    BUT HEY…….. i stayed in KOLKATA…. is there no show for kolkata???????? please let me know… n please. please….. i dont wanna miss the chance…….. please…….. i request u all… please do show in kolkata also….. please…….

  8. Shrruthi says:

    Hi! Chetan, after along time,
    Just busy with my own work, it is gr8 to here abt the play on FPS, I love to see live play, but I think it is not in Hyd, otherwise I would have definately went to watch it, anyways may be next time. keep writting
    luv shrruthi

  9. aditya says:

    i know i m bit late but just cos i really wanted to say certain tings. ihad read ur apology in TOI days back n dear u sincerely did not need to APOLOGISE. i m here defending n supporting u ,telling all wat i could n dere u apologise.
    if u wanted to say den u could hav simply said u hold nothing against them n all dat followed ur APOLOGY but saying u apologise was uncalled for.

    P.s. i really don know u ll read it or not but if u do den do let d word offend u,i have made sure u don miss d word.

    u lost ur battle n in d bargain gained many admirers , bt just one thing minus one frm d list.
    u let me down.


  10. guneet says:

    U done a great job sirji… mah dad loves u.. he is into your books long tym now

  11. Debasis Patnaik says:

    I really look forward to this. but its sad to see that it isnt being staged at hyderabad. now it seems i will have to wait longer to see this play. but would wait eagerly for it at hyderabad.

    [email protected]

  12. kiran vaneil says:

    five piont someone is a heart touching novel as each and every word in the novel represents the youth of india, his book literally showed a way to road of resolution in indian education system and showed ill effects of IES AS NEVER BEFORE….WE ALL LOVE YOU CHETHAN, i wil surely watch tha play, because its not yours,evamns, but ours……………..thank uou.

  13. Nitin Bansal says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I never read my course books in school. However your book “One night at call center” got me started (because I am from the same industry). I really love the way you touch and describe human emotions. Just finished reading “2 States” and I LOVED IT. To be frank I was little skeptical before starting it. I thought you have already written three books and must have exhausted all your skills and this one would not be as good as others. However thankfully I was wrong! More than any other thing it reminded of how parent’s surrender to their children’s wish and happiness and those crazy relatives who leave everything else and come to celebrate your important day. I don’t feel a movie can make you feel as good as I feel after reading your books. By the way I have read them all. 3 mistakes, one night, 5 Point someone. However I felt that 2 states had the best ending. But problem is that this book is finished now :(. I want to read more of your work. You might not understand but it is really very surprising for me that I have started reading books 😛 and that is just because of your way writing stuff. Secret:- After reading these books, it has helped me concentrating while reading other books as well. Today for me, you are a STAR as big as Amitbah Bacchan or Aamir Khan. Waiting for the next book :).

  14. Vaisakh says:

    Hi Chetan,

    Thanks ever so much for your support.
    Looking forward to meeting you sometime.. :)

    Vaisakh (FPS team)

  15. Hitesh says:

    Hi Chetan,
    Watched it in bangalore, thoroughly enjoyed the show.
    FPS is quite refreshing irrespective of showcase medium, there isn’t any saturation point for FPS i can go on and on reading, and watching it.


  16. Priya2009... says:

    When I last checked this blog has 331 comments, and I had written dozens of them because I had entered into an ongoing discussion with others. Now it has only 65 and not a single comment of mine has escaped the editor’s scissors. Kind of makes me wonder if it is worth it to blog on somebody else’s website at all. :(((

  17. Gopi says:

    hi everyone

  18. Gopi says:

    Mumbai is left out may be because of your Raj Thakre and his golden rules folks 😉

  19. Dhaval says:

    Hi Chetan,

    I would love to watch the play here in Detroit, USA. Pl. let me know if we can do something for the same.

    Good Job.

    Keep it up.


  20. Hi chetan and EVAM,

    Check out for me in pune… will be smwhere in the first row…
    ALL the BEST… looking forward to your show…


    – sunil

  21. Rupali Pant says:

    hey chetan….request evam to come to simla!!!! one show please!!!! :)

  22. Wasim says:

    Hi Chetan,

    I read all of your’s book except 3 Mistake. Needless to say it was fantastic and untill you have finished the story you wont stop reading.

    It is a good moove that 5 point Some one has taken shape of a play after a blockbuster movie, though makers of the movie is not sharing it with you. People who have read the story and watch the movie knows well what is fact.

    Request/suggestion i wanted put here that play should be organised in Kolkata also. People in this part of country loves art and Play by EVAN would surely impress them.


  23. anuj says:

    i and my friends would love to watch this play.
    Come to Gorakhpur(U.P.) !

  24. manish says:

    Dear Chetan,

    EVAM will redefine theatre dynamics in India

  25. Vinay says:

    Seeing…Star Awards…We four stay here in Vikroli..ane we all missing you too much on each award …..3 Idiots getting……Anyways emotions……they can’t let you live can’t let you die…….Some thing in the owen……..u always wating to fry…..TC Champ….

  26. Aashish Kumar Jain says:


  27. Aashish Kumar Jain says:


  28. Rex says:

    hey only one place for sure …PUNE

  29. IndianIdiots says:

    Great post dude. Please post more of this kind of posts.. //IndiaRock

  30. vikas singal says:

    Hey..Its nice to know that it will roll out as a play after the successful movie…!!

    But i didn’t find any show in Mumbai ???
    What this ?????

  31. Mansi says:

    Hello Chetan ,this is not in connection to this particular update. i am a great admirer of Your writing and have read all 4 of your books. Undoubtedly you are magical with your words and once caught in to your magical spell it not only rubs of on you but also stays with you for long. 2 States is simply a fascinating piece of art, it had such a magnetic appeal that i completed in 2 days but later i regretted because i wanted to read more.Thankyou so much chetan is what i wanted to tell you because i am not much of a reader but whatever i read till now and the best i could relate to was your books. I loved 2States.Keep writing such enamoring books and share your experiences with us. And one more request plsss do think of turning 2states into a movie , 5point may be accidentally turned into 3idiots but 2states should be, but should be presented on screen exactly the way it unfolds in the book.
    thankyou again.
    Mansi Jain (Jaipur)
    awaiting your reply.

  32. Tanvi Desai says:


  33. Hai Chetan,you are a wonderful man with wonderful thougts.India should be really proud of you man.

  34. gopalakrishna pillai says:

    Hai Chetan,
    Happy to hear that your “Five point someone” is going to be a play.
    I have read your “2States” recently. It’s also good. I like your works. Thank you for choosing writing as your career otherwise we would have missed some good works.

    Hope to hear you soon..

  35. Raveesh says:

    Hi Evam Team

    Please organize the show in kolkata.

  36. paro says:

    hi chetan,
    i am ur mew diehard fan n i hav tried every thing to buk a ticket to go to madras bt i was unable to gt 1 i am regretin a lot bt hop it will be somtym performed in mumbai too!!!

  37. joe Zachs says:

    Had seen this play last week in Pune.
    Not bad I say.

  38. apurva says:

    nagpur is waiting for u………… come here……tc

  39. murali krishna says:

    hello chetan,

    I liked your new book 2 states very much.Its like normal love story with good witty emotions,you draw my attention in every page it is too good to read.I read your past novels also but the difference between this one its predecessors is the emotions you carry through the entire novel.The best part i enjoyed in this novel is krish dad went to ananya’s family.Actually i was shocked by this one.Thanx brother for your excellent novel.cheers up!!!!!

  40. neetu behl says:

    I surely watch d play in delhi,thnx 4d vry nice books chetan,m a big fan of urs….

  41. Shahin says:

    I have seen the show and is very good… gave life to the noval in true sence..

  42. Manmohan says:

    What about Mumbai Chetan? Hope they perform here soon……..Hope the play does more justice than those thieves…….:)

  43. Abhishek says:

    Hello Chetan,

    I just finished reading “2 states” yesterday.I have to admit,I was aware of your growing popularity over the last few years(sorry if I sound condescending)but never managed to read any of your books up until now. What first intrigued me was when I saw “Hello” and thought what a hash of a movie but at the same time found the script quirky and inspiring.Then I got to know that it was adapted from your book “One night @ the Call Center”. I certainly enjoyed reading “2 states” and intend to read the ones predating it in the near future. All the best for all your future endeavours.

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