The 20 Million Votebank

Hi All,

Hope you are doing well. My column in TOI today. Would love your thoughts. Link  here.




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  1. Pramod says:


    The article is really good (as usual)..but i have only one thing to say..

    20 million might be able to make the difference..but they are meaningless without the rest crores of votes..

    Democracy can succeed, only if majority of us realise the importance..not just the idealistic minority..

  2. Sherry says:

    Hi Chetan,

    Need not to say…after reading your novel i have became fan of IITians and IIMites.. and of course yours. I read all your novels…I wanted to comment about 2 states, although it looks like your story..But I was able to relate it to myself.. And at so many point I was laughing alone in the room alone reading novel…It was awesome..The best point of your writing is that, it’s so simple and a person can easily imagine what you write…I really love that….
    I saw 3 idiots… i was curious to see it, as I read FPS and really wanted to see the movie which is somewhat (as said by 3 idiots team) similar to FPS..But i would like to tell u…its more than 60-70 your novel…though they changed climax and few things..But ultimately its like soul was same but given a different body..And yes you are correct you don’t have to say anything. Those who have seen Movie and read novel they can easily identify how its like novel…and yes now a days I m not liking the lead hero coz of this..Really…
    Keep writing I like your articles which you post in TOI. Waiting for your next one…


  3. Narendra says:

    Your article in the beginning looks great but in the latter half looks very staid and just does mathematical calculations.
    And you also do so many unrealistic assumptions. Keep in mind: Educated does not mean responsible and honest. take the example of Tweeter Tharoor.

  4. desh says:

    चेतन मैंने थ्री ईडियट देखी. पहले तो नहीं देखना चाहता था क्यूँ की मैंने five point some one पढ़ राखी थी और मेरा मानना है की कोई भी मूवी एक बुक को पूरी तरह बयां नहीं कर सकती पर फिर देख ली

    सुन रहा था बस आपकी नावेल से कुछ अंश उठाये गए हैं. पर वहां तो कहानी ही दूसरी है आप की पूरी नावेल कॉपी की गयी है . मजे की बात ये है कि जन्हाँ भी नावेल से अलग करने कि कोसिस की गयी है वहीं पर मूवी झूंठी लग रही है
    five point some one जितनी रियल नावेल है सायद उसका उतना रियल परदे पर दिखना आमिर जैसे स्टार के बस में भी नहीं है . मूवी देख कर दुःख हुआ . क्या आपने इसे बनाने कि परमिसन दी थी. ये एक जमीनी रचना का मजाक है . कृपया आप खुद अपनी स्टोरी लेकर परदे पर आयें इससे पहले कि कोई थ्री मिस्टेक आफ माई लाइफ का कबाड़ा करके हमारे सामने पेस करे.

    थ्री इडियट्स अच्छी मूवी है पर उनके लिए जिन्होंने five point some one नहीं पढी

    desh aparimey

  5. ajay verma says:

    Hi Chetan,
    A big hello to u , i just wanna say that i am a great fan of ur’s as u represent the the youth mindset of this country and in a way the situations depicted by u in all ur works is similiar all over the word . I have read each and every book of urs and find them very entertaining and appealing.
    i just have a request for u that u should try and publish ur work in hindi as well as other regional languages as wel as it will provide u a unparalleled reach all through the country.
    i wish all the best for ur future projects.
    And hey believe me that each and every one who has ever read your books are in total conformity with your views on the three idiots controversy.
    Guess that some people in this country also, have the nags and guts still to take away the due credit to others.
    I have all your books and they keep on inspiring me.

  6. Gita Choksi says:

    Do please check your e mail . I find all this blogging . facebook etc too intrusive

  7. I admire your web page , it

  8. Shradha Jalan says:

    i have been trying to get to your blog from a long time and finally i am here writing this on your blog.I dont know how far do you read them and is there even any reply from your side…??
    Apart this I love your writings in the TOI column.the latest one “My country, My community” was amazing.I believe sena’are just doing all this to get votes and remain in the picture.
    Racism that you spoke about in your column was rightly written and to that i would like to add by saying Sena’s are also racists.They called the australians act racism what are they themselves doing..?
    Are their acts also not racism…? May that be within the
    geographical boundaries is RACISM!!!

  9. manita says:

    Hi Chetan…well whatever you had written n all that you continue writing is really enlightening and ofcourse true and the actual scene around.Its all that i think what is extremely required is a revolution in the minds and hearts of our young youth.We all together can definitely bring about a change and then the hope and the vision of a “NEW INDIA” would not be far away.

    Chetan i want your full support in any way to bring these written alphabets into real running actions….


  10. shubh says:

    hi …..
    So how are things going??Most of us must be really enjoying a good holiday over this weekend.
    may be the thoughts following ,are incorrect somewhere..sorry ….can correct me….but its what i think……

    something that really strikeing me is that we know that its the corruption n only corruption spanning its web in our country.the income tax raid in MP n Chattisgarh is tooo to stop it somewhere.But how these people have accumulated this wealth….what were alll the employees doing who all were there ….whom they cheated so nicely ..?????Our system is so smalll before their plan of acccccumulation that when we got to know when it reached such a peak of crores…………grt…

    chetan as ur name means ………chetana jgaaaaaaaaao……..
    as ur buks have done magic …..enlighten the country with a hope ,with a spirit of building a great tomorrow.

  11. paro says:

    hi chetan,
    well i think the people, we the people dnt noe the value of votin and unliess that is brought into light no1 includin our pm for eg will nt vote, y we ol shud suffer 4 som unwisely decisions taken my the minority votin group??ahud b the question as the mejority sleeps away n gives in hands of few others to choose there fate!!! and blame the govt. in that is our unity!
    irony is such a part of this well if nt ol m sure som lik me wid hav benifited frm ur article as they r very inspritional!

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