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Dear All,

Once again, thank you so much for your support. Yesterday, I was on CNN-IBN’s Face the Nation, on a general panel discussion on the Education System. However, I used the opportunity to give a few closing remarks from my side on the issue. While we maintain our stance on the issue, me and my fans want to move on, and we have.

The remarks are in the link here. The video is in five parts. My comments are in the 3rd part, so click the link under the screen that says 3. I speak after around a minute.

Thank you very much. I am looking forward to using this blog for other positive topics.



PS:  This is only for the extra-curious types. While totally not obligated to answer any more allegations, just to clarify on the RH video – no I wasn’t given the script. A top level oral narration is something else and anybody in the film industry will tell you is very different from actually giving the written script. Notice they keep saying he has ‘heard’ the script, not ‘read’ it. In the oral narration, they told me the changes only. Please also note NDA he flashes which has a date of Oct 3, 2007, the so-called narration date. The adaptation deal was done in September 2005. Raju said it took Abhijat ‘3 yrs and 2 months’ to do the script in other interviews. Hence, even if Abhijat started on the deal date, the script was finished in November 2008. So, how could RH narrate it to me in Oct 2007?  Go figure. Also, please listen to my  full Bollywood Hungama interview they are quoting from, I maintain that my story is the base. Anyway, what matters is the final film vs book.   Also, they did not buy rights of the book – they bought the rights to adapt the book – a basic error they continue to make – whether out of lack of knowledge or to evade the issue. And yes there is a contract to adapt the work – but it doesn’t mean they can claim authorship of the story. You can buy a painting, not claim you painted it – basic copyright law. My points are valid, and I am not a liar. Anyway, like I said, we’ve moved on.


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  1. Shweta Shah says:

    Hi Chetan ji,
    I am in total support with you about the issue of Five Point Someone and 3 Idiots. I went to watch the movie just because I knew it is based on FPS. I found that 60-70 % movie, the scenes, the settings are same to same as FPS. And this is my honest opinion. I’ll not say 80-90-100 % because the storyline of finding another friend and Rancho( Ryan) not being Rancho(Ryan), but someone else,are different. But,other than that everything and the whole concept is FPS.
    I know, you are hurt, coz, what was told to you was different and what is in the movie is different.They told you they will make the totally different story,and you gave them all the rights,and after that they didnt make totally different movie, and even didnt give you APPROPRIATE credit for it. Actually, they have cheated on you. But, let me tell you sir, you learned a lesson, dont trust words of people,they will change if there is no proof for it. They are now trying to trap you in some stupid contract thing. They are trying to make fool of you, portraying you greedy for publicity and all,( I read online, watched on youtube), but what I can say is I trust you and I trust god. I can feel your feelings, and I hope, you will be out of this very soon, and I am very sure, that if they try to trap you in any legal thing, than you are strong enough to fight with them. ( I know, you dont want to fight, u were just making your RIGHT point, but, if someone wants to fight with us, we cant do anything else other than fighting back).All the Best, waiting for your next novel.


  2. mohammed says:

    hi chetan sir….
    u r being my inspiration to do something creative in life…
    y shouldn’t i stand out to be with u in kind of situation as good fan…i like the way u reacted….that was only best option i guess… thanx…

  3. zak says:

    fuck you idiot.. stop showing off and please read the contract the next time bloody motherfucker…go fuck your dad.. you sob


  4. Vandana Hange says:

    Good going Chetan!
    Keep moving and concentrating on best work you can deliver!!
    You are role model for many of us!!!

  5. kamal says:

    “In the oral narration, they told me the changes only. ”

    But in the Bollywood Hungama video interview, you said they gave u a full script narration.

    ” am not a liar”

    i dont get it

  6. Nandita says:

    I have loved all your books. Appreciate your spirit to move on..
    My support would always be with you…

  7. Manoj Agarwal says:

    Sorry for the delayed comment on this issue but I couldn’t stop my self from writing after going through interviews of Amir, Madhvan and RH which they gave in last 2/3 days. Well, what I see in their tone is that even after a very gentlemanly solution offered by you, there is no hint of graciousness in their behavior.
    Anybody who has gone through the book and seen movie will agree that you deserve a front line credit for this movie without any rumblings about percentages BS. Simply put, had there been no FPS, there would be no 3 idiots. For this simple fact, you deserve the credit…
    And this is not the first time AK has landed in this controversy. Even with TZP, it was pretty much the same…. Hence I conclude that these people are not worth even that much paper that takes to write their name… unethical, ungracious money mongers.. that’s all they are.. Though definitely they are backed by a big PR army… I don’t know how u r supposed to react, but I suggest it’s worth writing a book on… may be few years down the line… after getting some more accolades through your work meanwhile… Forgive for yourself but don’t forget for your esteem…

  8. Subrat says:

    Hi Chetan,

    I saw 3 idiots a few days back and within 15 mins through the movie i knew that it’s based on FPS to a large extent, the plotting, characterization, and the soul/theme of the movie is almost the same as of the novel. Whatever the producer/director say, the fact remains the same. I am completely with you. You deserve a credit for this. Only suggestion, please don’t get bothered with wheatever the media or the people say, do concentrate on your work and keep writing such lovely books.


  9. Shailesh S B says:

    Hi Chetan

    Its good to end the war of words. Thankfully everyone has benefited. You, Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, the viewer, the reader and all and sundry.

    But hard to believe it was not a gimmick – a marketing gimmick.

  10. Harish says:

    Some people criticise your books but like films like “3 Idiots”. A another crap from Bollywood stable, where things like “Space Pen” and related dialogues are just too damn old.

    People who get inspired watching such films, loose their inspiration the next day. Your books would be remembered and loved. You started out something different in this country and I hope you continue doing it without caring for all Idiots and especially the 3 – Aamir Khan, Hirani & Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

    Keep going strong!

  11. 5pointsomeone says:

    I am not a big fan of your books, in fact five point someone is the only book of yours which i have read. having watched the 3idiots, i only want to say the essence and the soul of the movie is in your book. I don’t think anyone who has read the book and watched the movie can doubt this. So while i am a bit disappointed to see that credits have not gone to you in the write way, i suppose moving on is the best thing you can do. Keep doing the good work :). Jai Kumaon

  12. Sonu says:


    Just through with the draft for Five-PointSome-one to 3i in 3 easy steps. Its on

    Please leave your viewpoint, and correct me if I am not correct.

  13. Raj says:


    Good job done dude.

    ‘you buy a paint but you can’t say you painted it’-as simple
    as that.

  14. Shashikant says:

    Hi Chetan,

    Your decision to move on is appreciated by all. But here my point of view is, ultimately we Indians have once again succumbed to the hypocrites. You know, me know and all those who have read FPS know that the movie was based on FPS. But still we left the battle halfway. Ya, your image was at the stake but this would have given other unrecognized authors a way to deal with such fraudsters.These guys have done this to you, the most read english author of India. Just imagine what they can do to others.

    Chetan, the whole India was behind you. You should have dragged these guys to the court and should have teach them a lesson. Let them know what a revolutionary writer can do!!!!

    Shashikant..A devotee of you

  15. Sandeep Kler says:

    I think this is a developing country issue and it clearly shows our colonial and feudal side. It is a serious issue and should be taken up at the highest level so that it is not repeated. As referred in the book creativity is always scuttled in our society
    and it should stop! I think Chetan has been too humble to apologise to team 3 Idiots and he shoulve taken it (The fight)
    to the next Level. We indians should stop COMPROMISING with situations and Fight it out.

  16. reema naik ekawade says:

    Dear Chetan, u r a very realistic n natural writer n am truly ur fan, its worth reading then viewing however gud d keep up the spirit alive.all d best.

  17. Anubhav Sharma says:

    Sir,I have read your book and can say that the theme of the movie was a total adaptation of your BOOK .
    You are right at your front.

  18. Ritu says:

    Dear Chetan

    We love you and will always do…none of the indian producers or actors have originality so no matter how much they deny the fact in the end its story which makes a movie hit n flop and credit should go to the writer because he or she is the foundation of it…

    I just loved your positive attitude and we know your knowledge can never be a copyright issue your books are heartbeat of ur fans when they read and re read them that magic is still to br created by any are a motivator to nation..

    love ritu

  19. Dr. Divya Sharma says:

    Hi Mr.Chetan,
    Just saw the so called “inspired” movie adapted from FPS. I have to say, they could’nt even adapt your book adequately. The life you have put in Hari, Alok, Ryan was nowhere visible in the movie. Each 1 of the guys felt so real, each with his set of problems, their individual traits so perfectly portraid. On the other hand in the movie all 1 can see is “Rancho”.
    Kudos to you for churning out such heartfelt books. I recently read ‘2States’too, such a beautiful way of spreading the much needed messege of ‘DONT LET LANGUAGE DIVIDE US’. Krish & Ananya’s fight for love has inspired me to patiently continue fight my own ‘2states’ fight. Thanx for releasing the book this year, it was perfect timing for me.
    And a Very Happy Anniversary to you both. Read on Twitter it was yesterday. Felt good to read “Krish & Ananya completed 11 yrs”. I hope u both complete many more beautiful years.



  20. Nishit says:

    Chetan.. I am with you.. You have grown in stature by standing up when you were right.. !! I adore you ..

  21. Sonal says:

    Hi Chetan
    I as a big fan of u would like to suggest you to stay out of these allegations and criticisms. The best way to annoy your critics is through your silence…Everybody know ur story is the base of 3I… we all with u..waiting for ur next BESt….


  22. parambhole says:

    what the heck,shouldny have given in,you already got a novel into a story.what else you wanted,chetan.either give them the best or knock them middle path ,matey

  23. Rohit Jain says:

    Yesterday I read the Five point some…..
    The movie 3 Idiots is an absolute copy and is totally based on this book. I am surprised how the film makers and aamir khan could refute this.
    To top it all Times of India Delhi agreed !!!! I am shocked
    On the another note, it was fun reading 2 states and FPS back to back. I will look forward to your next book. Hope it comes out soon.

  24. Abhishek says:

    HI , Recently I read 2 States..
    Let me tell that I am not a regular reader of books, basically i dont like reading books, specially Novels.Buts last week i went to Mall and from there I saw this Book 2 States.I purchased it , I was thinking that as usual I will not read it because most of the time I am purchasing books when other people are also taking that .So i brought it, At night 9 o clock i started..I page that become very boring for me , as I was not able to understand that frm where it has been started.After 1 hour again i startedthis time read 2 pages , and you will not believe that upto 4 o clock morning I kept reading that book.I was understanding each and every moment of story .I was curios to know after changing pages that will happen now.BI liked the conversation between Krish and Ananya .And Anya father and Krish Mother are too much.That was the heart touching scene when Krish father went to meet Ananya family after breakup between Ananya and krish that is done by his Mother.Basically Story is prety normal , but awesome ,narrated in a very good way , language is very easy to understand. This is a fist Novel I read in my life and I read it in my office time also .Sorry Boss . I read this novel in 2 and half day, its a big deal for me .I am planning to read all the novel of Chetan.Chetan u have given me a new habit of reading books .Thanking you.

    Basigally Chetan bhagat Rocks……

  25. lenny says:

    Hi chetan
    im from shillong,everyone here love your books i have read all your books i must say you are the only Indian author that i have read all their books.actually i hardly watch hindi movie,coz of too much exaggeration,but i have watch 3idiots 3 times so far.. i like the movie but as they tend to divert from the book its boring they exaggerate too much. no chance for Oscar,or international award.its just another Bollywood masala.
    L.S Bareh

  26. Madhukar says:

    Dear Chetan

    I read your novel long back. I watched the movie the day it was released. I am not a very big fan of Aamir Khan but I had to watch it as everybody else in my family were watching. The movie was good. It would have been probably better had they given the due acknowledgement to the author. Instead they tweaked your story and presented in a way where 90% of the people would appreciate it. Needless to say most of them would not have read your novel earlier.And though tweaked the whole idea was still decent enough to make an impact amidst all the crap Bollywood has to offer otherwise. I am not a very great fan of your novel either. But yes it was a good read and original at the least.

    Aamir Khan usually have a strong opinion in whatever he does. But I am sad to say most of them seems to have an agenda behind. His moves are always calculated including the image that he carries among public. He is at any day a very good actor but to portray oneself as the greatest actor of the Bollywood in a subliminal way is something I can’t digest. His movies are supposed to give a message and raise awareness. but sadly they are just an exercise to publicize the movie. All the messages that the movies like Rang De Basanti or 3 idiots give is a crap. Rang De Basanti is a story of confused youngsters who chose a very wrong path to put their point forward. Probably there are other ways to fight against corruption which Aamir Khan or his dierectors lack the intellect. Has Aamir Khan ever visited Hindu college at Delhi University or national drama school. How insensitive his movie is to portray those youngsters as a complete idiot who don’t know anything about acting/drama though they are enrolled there. I have seen few of their dramas in Hindu college and I must say they are amazing.

    Five point someone was very simple. It was intend for fun. It didn’t promise itself to be a crusader against the inefficient education system of the country. But the bollywood version says unless u r as gifted as ranchod u better be something else u are good at. There’s no scope for improving ur self via hard work. And forget about everything else when u claim ur movies give social messages then why are so many double standards in your movies where youngsters are shown drinking so often. What about the ethics issue? Why someone as gifted as Ranchod does this kind of unethical work of impersonation. Ok agreed the movies shows it was due to circumstances. But the funny thing is why isn’t their any brain behind execution of these kind of movies. If Amir has to attend University on behalf of someone else because he has no other choice then why didn’t he just was a average student in terms of marks.

    Aamir Khan is naturally talented and though he is average at marks he still does all those innovative works. In this way he could have proved that system was indeed faulty and their tests don’t reflect the true talent of a student and it must be improved.(In this way he could have saved the guy for whom he was impersonating). Rather he tops proving that indeed the system is actually perfect. So all those ass holes who does hard works are actually fools and all of them are farting selfish muggu bastards. Sorry I could not use the word idiot as it’s now reserved for some particular breed of easy go lucky kind of smart talented persons. Bastard is now the only word left.

    N now I think Aamir Khan should have understood what does it requires to get Oscar. A good original script like Slumdog Millionaire or No man’s Land and backed by proper execution. So as long as he doesn’t change his ways he can’t win a Oscar and he can go on saying he doesn’t care for it. He will always be a good actor only but not a great actor which he claims all the time.

  27. Madhukar says:

    Sorry for grammer and typos in the comment.

  28. Rake says:

    Logon ko “Chu….ya” mat banao sirji

  29. Hey Chetan,

    I agree with you that when I saw the film and felt like FPS was playing live …… Don’t get bogged down, and I am with you and have faith in you.

    Keep moving and get us a new book sooooooooon.

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