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I just finished my last two interviews with IBN7 and Headlines Today. These were the last interviews I’d give on this issue.  There is no point going back and forth with allegations and assertions, and it only creates drama and no solution. Hence, I’d stick to simple facts, and I’ve even offered a compromise, that they may want to consider.

1. When you are saying ‘based on a novel by’ in a movie, you cannot have a separate original Story credit in the film – not to mention the latter upfront and the former at the end. 3 Idiots has a big front Story credit for Mr Hirani and Mr Joshi. This is just not possible as they are themselves saying the story is based on a novel. The Screenplay, definitely so, belongs to Mr Hirani and Mr. Joshi.

2. While they did fulfill the ‘based on the novel by’ credit as per contract, by claiming the story as original and claiming it as theirs alone, they have definitely negated and denied my due credit. Especially since the film has many commonalties with the book. They’ve adapted my story, not created a new one.  That they’d claim the original story to someone else was never told to me, is not mentioned in the contract and is frankly just not possible under the basic ‘moral rights of the author’ under copyright law.

3. To the extent they have done this, all I merely ask is put my name as one of the writers in the ‘Story’ credit. They can keep their names above me, and make me the third writer of the story. The screenplay is theirs anyway.

4. They don’t have to actually change the prints running in the theatres or incur any costs there. They can change it in the official records and in the DVD/Satellite as possible.

5. This is merely a humble request. The public opinion is already there that the story resembles the book. We don’t have to get into percentages, but if there is a contribution, it should be recognized.

If they do this, me and all FPS readers will be happy. If they don’t, it is their choice.

I don’t really want to talk about anything else in this matter.  I thank you all for your support. I’ve gained a lot of credibility and love, all of us stood up for what we believed in, and I think my country knows who wrote this film’s story now anyway.

I  am aware of the many opinions and statements the makers and Mr Khan have made about me and the kind of person I am, but I don’t have any issues with that. I also thank the media, for bringing the issue out clearly, and helping me present my side in a fair manner.




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  1. Anchal says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I also felt the same thing that almost complete story is based on your novel.It cannot be said as “inspired” but most of the scenes were taken from FPS.It was great to see your humbleness to forgive them..

    hats off to you!!!

  2. nomaan says:

    Hello Mr bHAGAT!

  3. nomaan says:

    Leave Aamir alone!!!why you keep insultin and humilating aamir1if you have any balls talk about vvc!i read in news papper that thousnds of your fans hate aamir,and you knw am aamir fan but i dnt hate you but i feel sorry for small people like you!aaamir is millions idol!stop abusin him!!!

  4. nomaan says:

    leave aamir alone you idiot!

  5. bal kishan says:

    Dear Chetan..

    whatever they say…its totaly yours buddy…yesterday only I have seen the movie and not to say I have read the FPS atleat 20 times..they have put some filmy masala in it but the soul of the film is FPS only…but dear you dont need any credit from these guys….you are in our heart and will get all the credit from us…just forget what has happened and carry on….you are truly amazing…..

    this is first time I’m writing on this blog or for that matter any blog…I will be realy happy if you will revert back with some line on my mail id…



  6. Sukanya says:

    Hi Chetan, I know that this issue is past, but i couldnot stop myself from writing this. I saw the movie 3 idiots yesterday. but i read your FPS before going to the movie. I find your novel to be much more interesting than the movie. all this hype about the movie such false. I actually love watching Amir’s movies. your novel is much much better and interesting than the movie. I wish you will not encounter such bad incidents again in your life. love to watch a movie on two states. i really enjoyed and was holding my stomach all the way i was reading it. its so witty and realistic. you sure read peoples minds. all the best and wish you a very happy new year.

  7. Tapan Kumar says:

    You are the best Chetan,Anyway people will remember books rather than movie.And it will be your book (FPS) which future young Indian will refer than the movie.
    We are the proud reader of FPS first then the viewer of the movie.
    All the best and keep writing:)

  8. mohammed says:

    chetan sir…
    i m a fan of amir’s mouvie…but not the prejudice one…i have started reading boooks in my life with fps…n i was so impressed & still have influence of it…
    i believe u….& have faith that u got the ability to change thinking of indian youth….u r truely a YOUTH ICON…

  9. Kanchan Malhotra says:

    Dear Chetan,

    You are the biggest celebrity ever. All of your’s fan including me know that this movie is based on your novel FPS only and we dont all have to prove this either to 3 idiots or to those people who have not read ur novel. so in the nutshell, we dont have to prove it to anyone ever. you better concentrate on your another novel for which all ur fan waits. also read your 2 states. no words in my dictionay to describe that novel.
    Keep it u
    Luv u
    One of your biggest fan and admirer

  10. GeM says:

    Dear Chetan,

    I had lots of friends who were just crazy about your writing & your books. Though I never ever had any interest in reading novels. I have seen the movie. I have seen the controversy that was flashing on the news channel 24 X 7.

    Then I decided to take the book for an investigation. While watching the movie I enjoyed & laughed with my friends but it never made any difference to me or my life.

    After reading your book I developed an interest in reading books & novels. Your book is a MASTER-PIECE. Even though I never had interest in reading, I was writing my own book. After reading your book I feel I should stop writing. But instead of leaving it, I would rather write my story & will dedicate it to you.

    These kind of Masterpiece should be written by Mr Chetan Bhagat only.

    Cheers to 5 Point Someone.


    Cheers to Chetan Bhagat.

  11. Sudhir Kumar says:

    I did read the book 5.some1 and also watched the movie 3i. Sadly though, I’m not convinced with you guys. The script of 3i is original in its own respect. I don’t find any striking similarity other than the outline of 3 Engg college students, the Prof and his daughter. It seems to me that you want to jump on the bandwagon; or atleast a cheap pubicity stunt. If this is enough to create a media havoc, you have done what you wanted, already.

    However, my admiration to you (Chetan), will not go down.

  12. Abhishek says:


    Well i am a great fan of you always from your first book till now but truly saying you Dont Deserve the credit therein the film completely.Authors like you are a treasure for our Country.U do have enough fame and respect from all over the world.

    Then why you are acting like this.I had read ur book 5 times whenever i got the chance i catch up with any of your book but unfortunately except the plot of movie nothing is from your book. Please stop doing all this.

    We ppl love you but still.

    Your Fan.

    Keep your great Writing Going.



  13. Mohit says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was too depressed at the same moment when i saw the movie….in the ending it was in small letters “based on the novel five points someone by chetan bhagat ” this is not done i guess..
    We all use to see holly movies n if smone is based on any novel they show the credit in the beginning in huge letters…being an indian i do not expect huge frm them but atleast do sm justice my sir juz wanted a credit no one is wking here to make money except those dir n pro…..

  14. Mohit says:

    evrythg was based on 5. u see….
    1. Engg Student
    2. Amir’s attitude, creativity
    3. The Chatur
    4. Insti Roof
    5. Raju’s family
    6. Cherian
    7. Caught up frm virus
    wat else u need guys evrythg was based on 5.1 i knw this are changed in 3i but if amir has to b in lead he has to b with the gul n all the credit…..dats y stories use to change ……..due to lack of awareness v all indians face this kind of stuff..
    dis is not done..
    I love u CB

  15. Sanidhya Narain says:

    hi chetan!

    i jus wana tel u that 3 idiots is anothr flick that gained a lot of popularity since it released but soon wud fizz out like othr films..

    but FPS is sumthing that ws thr n wud remain always..


  16. GeM says:

    For Sudhir Kumar

    Screw you Sudhir Kumar……….

  17. jitha says:

    ur stories r awesome….
    u made me read books..whch i never used to…

    all d best…keep writing…..

  18. Lakshmi Seth says:

    Hello Chetan

    Don’t you worry at all.. We have read your book… and we know what part is from the book and what is Mr. Joshi’s and Mr. Hirani’s brainchild. Please be a little more careful for your next adaptations into movies.

    Take Care… I am a big fan of yours … and many like me stand by you…

  19. Sohini says:

    I’ve read FPS and also have seen 3 Idiots, and I have found the main plot to be almost same except for about 45% of the film. The things that have happened in recent press releases was very shocking for me as I really could not believe that actors and directors like Mr. Amir Khan and crew can be so shallow in their thought. Surely their ‘Brand Image’ have gone down for many and can have a huge drastic effect on their success which could have been more in the coming years.

    P.S. I simply loved your work in ‘2 states of my marriage’

  20. Amit Biswas says:

    I hardly find any resemblnce of 3 Idiots & FPS

    FPS was sensitive 3#I is mostly slapstick
    FPS was a story of a budding Engineer his dreams,dilemas,his complied summary of the good n bad times he had (belive me!!! engg. coll is not the shown in d movie) FPS will be the epitome of my days in engg coll

    3#I is all about the heroics of Aamir Khan aka Rancho,come on man we are human how on d earth Rancho be perfect every single time…..

    god knows when our film makers will stop crapping there movies by adding bullshit spices … bollywood its all abt making money,dancing in d rain kindooo stuffs

    Chetan Sir ,your act was a Masterpeice dont even think dat they can copy ur standards

    Amit Biswas

  21. Riya says:

    with all due respect, you sighed signed a consent form, then why are you making all this drama? i dont know who is right or who is wrong, but if you signed such a contract then you should not be making all this fun just to get some cheap publicity!…

  22. Niren says:

    All things considered, why be so attached to what’s been written and published and read already? Like your novel which is based on your life at IIT, cannot be the movie based on your novel? Why bother so much about a line of credit in a movie called idiots, whatever is their number? You have your success and they have theirs and we have ours. Why waste sound, text and video bytes?

  23. Sree Hari R says:

    forget it….we know how much credit you should get…its definitely more than 5 %..

  24. vrushali says:


  25. Raj says:

    Mr. CHETAN, by asking a credit in the film you gave amir a very good chance to build his image. but he misused that opportunity and losing his fame. It just shows that he is a nut. Nothing to worry about it. Truth is truth can’t be hide.

  26. GB says:

    First of all I really liked FPS. It was an awesome book which help your attention not only during the first but also through the re reads. I agree on the fact that you just want credit and nothing else, but you’re unintentionally coming through as someone trying to gain publicity from a successful movie, which is not what you desire. So please for the sake of the writer in you who we all love, just consider this as an experience and move on. Your readers wont deny you your right.


  27. Dishita says:

    Hi Chetan,

    I guess you should just ignore them since you have already asked them to publish your name and they just created a chaos out of it, making it a publicity stunt as we all know.
    The fame you have acheived is remarkable! Moreover we all have read your book and we all know what the truth is.
    Keep rocking Chetan!

  28. Nitya says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I completely understand how you must feel about this. The gruelling hours you have to spend on writing a novel to make it good and later someone takes it from under your nose and discredits you for it, its great that you even manage to keep your cool!
    Next time make sure you dont let go of your novels easily -adaptation or copy or whatever . You are an author with a lot of fan following and should stand on your ground.

  29. Navneet says:

    Dear Chetan
    I am a student of IPR n a huge fan of yours.There is simply no debate about d topic that whose story it is.It belongs to you…n every sane person knows that.Truth cannot be negated.The story is very dear to many of us,as we can relate to it.people who see it merely as profit making gesture can never realise that why…u got so upset about it.Even before this movie was released everone knew that its based on FPS.and one more thing about people saying that this is a publicity stunt from your side i think dey should know that you are anyway really popular and you have a name of your own.You dont need to do such things to gain publicity.We all know who Chetan is,and we love him.

  30. Arun cs says:

    I am a FPS fan, but i don’t think that publishing your name in any of the things you mentioned will increase your popularity or do any good to you.. anyone who sees the film will know that its based on your story.. and no one can take the credit from you.. because FPS is too famous for the film takers to claim its originality, if u had kept silent people would have reacted to their claim which would have made these whole mess look better!
    Arun a 6 pointer from nitc

  31. Adarsh says:

    Chetan 1st of all, I hate you and secondly I know you did this all just for publicity. Shame on you Chetan. Didn’t expect this from you.

  32. abhishek(rocky) says:

    hi sir,I have read ur recent book i.e THe 2 states(story of my marriage),its superb!!!!u continue to be Indias best story teller ever……i congratulate u on that!!!u rock….when is ur next book???i am too eager…..

  33. abhishek(rocky) says:

    u r a superb storyteller…..

  34. Thank you for this blogpost, I have learned a lot more now about World of Warcraft! Your e-book was very helpfull. I hope you will show more of your guides!.

  35. Akshata says:

    Hi Chetan

    Sorry i have not been following the debate… So may be i am penning down the already said words… When i went for this movie with my family, as soon as we saw the first few mins, we were completely predicting what was going to happen next… and we were like oh my god this is exactly the same story from ur book… ofcourse we did point out for a very few scenes that “hmm no this is not in the book”. But tat was hardly few scenes.

    I like what u said in the interview.. What goes around comes around in this birth.. So keep believing in God. He will bring you through the hurt times…

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