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  1. S. Ray Chaudhury, Bristol says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I thank Mr. Khan & Associates for the movie. Now the original book sparkles like a diamond in comparison to the cheap imitation they offered. Now, as an admirer, I request you to pleeeeez be careful in the future. It doesn’t feel right to see such a classic to end up in a tamasha.
    By the way, do you really read these mails or is there a hot line between your inbox and this comment page?
    Hopelessly yours
    Subrata Ray Chaudhury

  2. George Abraham says:

    Hey Chetan,

    I’m a great fan of all your books… Read every all of them one week within their release.

    Coming to the point… been hearing a lot of this controversy surrounding the movie ‘3 Idiots’, I honestly think it looks shepish, childish and way below your dignity to fight for something that is so debatable. I believe you have A LOT MORE CLASS !!!!

    The movis had similarities but don’t really think its all that close to the bhook, the way you make it sound on T.V.

    Anyway I have a feeling that you might have lost out on a few fans, but hey I’m definitely looking forward to your nex book…

    Cheers mate…

  3. I saw the movie and had read teh book when it was published.. i like teh book better…and the movie is almost 70% of the book.. w

    well there is this delivery scene in the movie which i thought was just absurb.. surely.. chetan, you could never have written something so absurd…only VVC and party could have done that… also.. i wonder .. the college life happens some 10 years back from now on.. and i wonder if aamir had access to wi-fi or data modems to do web-conference in a garage then…!!!! i was left wondering long after the movie how VVC and RH could be so stupid to show these….

    truly your book was more graceful..and fun to read.. this movie is just a laughing stock!

  4. Sudhansu says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I have read all your 4 book’s,and 5 pt. is my fav.
    I saw the movie 3idiot’s also.I found the movie completely copied from the book.I really feel sorry for the movie maker’s as they are publically saying it’s their story.I am big admirer of Mr.Aamir and would suggest him to read the book and then come to any conclusion.

    Chetan,you must fight with this injustice and what would be a better way than to write a book on this.

  5. shweta says:

    its good but not as far better as ur book.
    i love d book more dan movie

  6. Rohit says:

    The movie was a good watch. Some people say that the movie is completely different from FPS. But I beg to differ. It is indeed true that some parts of the story are different as is the need for the movie. Still, if it were not for FPS, they never would have got the basic script. FPS is the body of the movie. The movie part is the tons of make up on the body, only to make it presentable to everybody, not only to a certain section of society.

  7. aradhana says:

    dear chetan,

    i don’t know if you are ever going to read this..but if you do..i just wanted to tell you 5 point someone was one of the most amazing books i have ever read in my life..and i did watch 3 idiots..and the story was definitely taken from your novel..and aamir gave an awesome performance..i also read the article you wrote on indian education system in the times of india..and i think couldn’t agree with you more..being an engineering student myself,i’m experiencing the suicide of the essence of education right now..thank you for taking a stand against the system..means a lot to us..


  8. Debojit Narayan Dev says:

    Hey Chetan, Sorry for the delay… but hw could you claim 3 idiots as your movie…. nothing in the movie inspires ur novel and its very difficult to relate ur novel with the characters in the movie… wished u cld have read ur own novel and published it properly..Sorry to say that but i guess u have got the fame u wanted and publised urself, Got all the money and fame u wanted and wish u all the luck and nevre ever claim ur novel to be a movie whic was made bya gem of a team….

  9. sandeep shrama says:

    hey chetan,

    i just love the movie 3 idiots…i don know how u can claim it man…this is the only way u can claim it….i been watching wht u been writing…dude jus be haapy of wht get…
    Aamir is to great for you…

  10. Rejeesh says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I dont know why the makers are running away.Just one question for them ” Agar FPS nahi hota toh kya 3 Idiots ban paati ? “. The movie is 80% based on FPS.

  11. Santosh says:

    i saw “3 idiots” No doubt it was fantastic movie….. it was awesome… i do agree with Chetan,He should be given the required credit of it,its not 2%-5% only resemblence with five point someone.hey chetan , one suggestion, i recently read yr novel 2 states, and i would suggest to make a movie on it.. Trust me!!!! it would be wonderful movie….and Yes!! if yr look is good, u should give yr own appearance…plz atlest try for it….thanks… from : yr greatest fan…Santosh…

  12. Aastha says:

    I think the movie had the basic storyline from the book itself n infact many incidents, dialouges etc all came from the book. So i completely support u on that issue. I may also mention i liked the book more than the movie coz the book seemed realistic coz every character had some white n grey shades like the way people are in real life n maybe coz it explains the pain of relative grading so well(which i am facing too) but in the movie everything was way too idealized to be believed….overall a little disappointed..

  13. IndianIdiots says:

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