Chennai 2 States Launch on 21st Decemeber


Dear All,

Came back from HK after a two month getaway to calm down. Now a little busy with the 3 Idiots related activities. I am happy to announce that we are doing a launch/celebration party of 2 States in Chennai – finally! The book is mostly set in Chennai, and this will be a rocking event when I finally face so many Tamilians at once!

What’s more, Shruti Hassan, has kindly agreed to come and read with me and enact a scene from the book. It is on Monday, 21st Dec at Loyola College Auditorium, 6:30pm and I understand that’s quite centrally located. Wife, kids and in-laws(!) are also coming.

So, excuses ille, and everyone there and reading this has to come.




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  1. Mamatha says:

    Hi Chetan,

    Just finished reading your book yesterday – 2 States.
    To be honest after reading One night at call centre, i never thought that you were a Great writer, and found your writing style quite ordinary and simple.

    But after reading this 2 states, i am reforming my opinion :)It was a simple story narrated in a very interesting manner and kept me engrossed through out.
    I really like that illa something …something….- it is sooo cute !!!!

    Other wise i am a person who is so busy in my professional life, where i had STOPPED reading books, but i continued buying them.

    This reading has really made me sit up and take notice of your books. I plan to read FPS soon.

    Just one question, i am seeing e-book of 2 states floating around, is this not akin to piracy?
    And was this 2 States a story of your life – i mean marriage?

  2. savita says:

    Really engrossing enjoyable book. This is when I have given up fiction because of lack of free time. Every incident is just too real and true and I can well imagine a movie being made. But u must not get a raw deal. After all without the story where is the movie .Authors must be duly acknowledged and compensated and not exploited.
    Any way thanks for providing me such a good novel – I could share your experiences and really thats the way things happen.

  3. Nishanth says:

    Loved the book :)
    Relates a lot to what i am going through right now..
    Though we r not from 2 different states..

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