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Hi All,

Hope you are doing well! Thanks for all your wonderful comments on the English Policy Debate speech. I will be sharing all of them with the relevant people, and do more about this issue whenever possible. Your encouragement means a lot to me. Today, however, I am asking you do to something specific. That is, make 3 clicks to actually change lives. Yes, that’s all you have to do. Before I pitch anything to you, even if it is a charity, I do my due diligence that I want to share with you – and you must read it.

So, what’s going on?

ASSET India Foundation (Achieving Sustainable Social Equality through Technology) was started by some people known to me to educate Children of women in prostitution and girls rescued from trafficking for prostitution in major cities in India by providing computer literacy for alternate livelihood and as a means of AIDS prevention so that they can free themselves from being chained to the flesh trade. They place the students in internships/jobs after the training. ASSET India Foundation is taking part in the Chasegiving contest on Facebook. They came to me to ask for my fans support in winning this contest.

Ok, but what is this Chasegiving contest on Facebook?

In the current economy, fundraising for non-profits in the U.S has become very difficult. Hence Chase Giving, a US charity and others have organized contests to engage more young people to participate through social networks such as facebook. There are a number of research studies that have indicated that using social networks directly for fundraising has not been effective. Chase Giving therefore has organized the voting contest. The winner gets the prize sponsored by Chasegiving – it is $25,000 in Phase I, $100,000 in Phase II and $ 1 Million in Phase III. You vote by a 3-click process. You click on the link at the end of this blog, then become a fan of Chasegiving and then click to vote. That’s it.

After I got the above request, I asked ASSET foundation two questions before I asked my fans to support this. These were who benefits from the prize, why should we vote for ASSET over others and what has ASSET done so far. Here are the answers from them, directly pasted below:

 Who will benefit from this prize?

The competing non-profits such as ASSET India Foundation will receive funds based on the number of votes. Chase Giving has approved each participating non-profit including ASSET. ASSET is registered with the Internal Revenue Service in the U.S and has official tax exempt status. ASSET raises funds to support its work in India. (Thus the money comes for charity work in India).

Why ASSET over others?

I am assuming that you are asking why ASSET over other charities. When we came back from India with the idea to help children of sex workers and girls rescued from trafficking, we did extensive research on what NGOs were doing in this area. The only skills provided were sewing, vegetable vending, bag making etc- earning Rs.500 per month which not enough to keep the girls out of the flesh trade. That’s why we started ASSET. We not only provide the training but also place the students in jobs. To date we have placed more than 150 students in companies such as FirstSource (BPO), Cafe Coffee Day, Phoenix Software and several smaller companies. In addition I am pestering CEOs about the skills their companies need at the entry level so that I can incorporate them in our training and thereby reduce training costs for the companies. The starting salary is between Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 4,000 in Chennai and Rs. 4,000 to Rs 6,500 in Mumbai.

ASSET also provides instruction on Health & Hygeine, managing money and brings speakers from the industry to talk about the importance of staying in school and opportunities in the IT field. The very reputable SMILE Foundation based in Delhi manages all the ASSET centers in India. SMILE staff oversee the centers. I transfer the funds to SMILE and they in turn disburse the funds to NGOs running the centers. SMILE provides regular financial statements as well as progress reports. ASSET has no paid staff in the U.S and its and its annual tax filing is public.

Any concrete evidence?

Here is our first batch placement report for our Mumbai center, located in Kamathipura red light district.

 Placement Status of 1st Batch:

1. Mrs. Arpita A Salunke – Aditya Birla Minacs

2. Mr. Akshay R Berde – Aditya Birla Minacs

 3. Mrs.Suvarna M Pawar – Aditya Birla Minacs

4. Ms. Shraddha M Vyas – Navjeevan Centre

5. Ms. Rekha J Gaikwad – Bombay Teen Challenge

 6. Mrs.Vidya H Chandorkar – Bombay Teen Challenge

 7. Mr. Shailesh M Gurav – Swimming Teacher at Lower Parel

8. Mr. Suresh Om Prasad – Video Shooting Work

Faculty: Mr. Prakash Moraye, Management &  Ms. Laxmi – Computer Instructor at Class

Placement Status: Sr.No. Name Date of joining Company Post Salary

1 Ms. Sneha Gaikwad 7/9/2009 Dreamz Management Tele-calling Operator 4500

2 Ms. Ravina Kachankar 7/9/2009 Dreamz Management Tele-calling Operator 4500

3 Ms. Radhika Shrigadi 7/9/2009 Dreamz Management Tele-calling Operator 4500

4 Ms. Bhavana Rathod 7/9/2009 Dreamz Management Tele-calling Operator 4500 5

Ms. Fehmida Sheikh 7/9/2009 Dreamz Management Tele-calling Operator 4500

6 Ms. Amrapali Katarnaware 14/9/09 West Side Sales 4800 7

Ms. Chanchal Mishra 14/9/09 West Side Sales 4800

8 Ms. Pramila Puralkar 14/9/09 Loot Store Sales 4200

9 Ms. Vijaya Narayan Parab 22/09/09 IP INDIA COMPANY Data entry operator 5000

10 Mr. Uttam Das 21/09/09 Café COFFEE DAY Tr.TM 5000

11 Mr. Sanvidhan Katarnaware 21/09/09 Café COFFEE DAY Tr.TM 5000

12 Mr. Ramdas Ovhal 4/10/2009 Asha Mahila Sanstha Field Worker 6500 Promoted

13 Mrs. Savita Pacharkar 4/10/2009 Asha Mahila Sanstha Field Worker 6500 Promoted

14 Ms. Sangita Kamble 4/10/2009 Asha Mahila Sanstha Field Worker 6500 Promoted

15 Ms. Anita Baban Jadhav 1/11/2009 BPL Mobile Tele-calling Operator 4000


Guys, I think they are doing awesome work and deserve our support. The people listed above will have a new life due to ASSET. You can vote by logging in to Facebook after clicking on the link below and then pass on the link to others. The logging into Facebook and 3-click process is slightly cumbersome, but it takes a minute and you are changing someone’s life forever. No brainer right?

Let’s show them that CB’s fans are amongst the best in the world. I know you are.

The link is: http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/717045

The voting deadline is Dec 11, 2009. On ASSET’s behalf, and from my side – a big thanks!

 Love lots,



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  1. Sandeep says:

    Done….ASSET is doing really good work.I didnt have any idea about this before.Thanks Chetan and nice post :)

  2. Venkat says:

    Done. Chetan. I really like the perspective that ASSET works towards

  3. Charity appeals have become so obvious nowadays that we start suspecting the cause behind. However, trust your recommendation, hence voted for Asset India. Thanks for the insight!

  4. Abhijit gohokar says:

    thanx for a great insight sir.i really liked the ASSET’s perspective..these 3 clicks will surely change the lives…

  5. rahul gupta says:

    gr8 job….even i want to join ASSET, being in jammu(j&K) can i help these children and the workers to live a new life of

  6. Sreenu says:

    Excellent CB!… I appreciate it.. i encourage the ppl in my company to vote for ASSET to get the sustainable chage

  7. kriti says:

    ASSET is doing a gr8 job……3 clicks are definitely gonna work

  8. Sridhar says:

    Voted Chief!

  9. Avinash says:

    Hey…is this only through face book or even orkut?u are doing a great job…..done….

  10. Avinash says:

    Thanks to you …i became a have applied for volunteer in ASSET…

  11. Ray Umashankar says:

    My heartfelt thanks to Chetan Bhagat and his amazing fans
    for supporting ASSET India Foundation in this contest.

    At the present time ( 1 am Mumbai time) with 404 votes
    ASSET is in the 7th place. The leader is the Prem Rawat (formerly Guru Maharaj ji) Foundation with 2657 votes.
    It will be wonderful if each one of you can request 10 of your friends also to vote in order to take an insurmountable lead.

    Thanks again

    Best wishes

    Ray Umashankar
    ASSET India Foundation

  12. MItesh Saraf says:

    DOne..CB fans are infinite..there s no limit..
    Love u always..

  13. Sirisha says:

    Done boss…. all d best.

  14. Haldar says:

    First… 3 Mistake then 3 idiots and now 3 clicks….Great going sir….Any ways the voting is done and i m very happy that what ever comment i have pasted on your last blog(that improving english one) is some how matching with this ASSET Concept, so really looking forward.
    And dont worry… we will win this game too… :)

  15. Amulya says:

    Hey Chethan, thanks for letting me know abt this, and I have proudly voted and asked my frndz also.

  16. Sheetal says:

    Hey chetan thanks a toonnnnnnn abt making me aware of ASSET India Foundation, i have voted in the contest and am very much sure it will make a difference!

  17. Ray Umashankar says:

    Hey CB fans,

    Here is the latest score:

    ASSET with 532 votes is trailing the leader who has 2,980.
    Send CB’s blog with the link to every college and university.
    CB fans can make a difference.

  18. Abhishek kumar Das says:

    done. thnx 4 making me a part of ur job of changing lives…and also helping india 2 live their dreams

  19. Ashmark says:

    hi chetan, feel Great to be a part of your 3 click program for changing lives. Thank you.

  20. Arijit Das says:

    I am really a great fan of your writtings… I am feeling happy to comment on your blog… :)

  21. amrita says:

    a self confessed ‘not-a-CB-fan’ I read Two States and it clicked :) it felt so true and now i don’t have words to express it .The stale paranthas, relatives worried about gold , all of it seemed …real
    read about ASSET and am on my way to vote .
    -happy december :)

  22. VIPUL says:

    3clicks of mine will benefit. fine KAR DIYA.

  23. Anu says:

    My vote is for the good cause, Chetan. Thanks for introducing ASSET to us.

  24. Thanks for all the support. Warm regards – APSA

  25. megha says:

    heello.,FeELs gR8 2 B a PART of it.,.Am Gr8.,fAn Of uRs,.,tK cr

  26. pooja says:

    Many criticise about your writing that, the english is not upto the standard. But who cares, its simple, and touches the heart. I enjoy reading your book again and again. and every time I read I feel very good.
    You have inspired many readers.me and my husband both are your fans. We read the book together. It adds more fun when u read it with someone.
    I am a tamil brahmin and my husband is kannadiga.
    Though our parents happily accepted our wedding,the last part of the novel 2 states, of actual wedding happening resembled ours.

    we loved reading it. you speak our minds.

    please write more and more like this.

  27. Karthik says:

    ur work is incredible…
    I’m here with 1 finger & 3 votes…cheers.!!

  28. Sandhya R Kamath says:

    sir………you had done a wonderful job…….hats off to you……..

  29. Sandhya R Kamath says:

    every single book of yours had touched my heart like anything……it made me cry…

  30. Lalit says:

    Hi, It has been a great experience as while reading your rhetoric writing. Really I am looking forward for your more new stuffs.

  31. Avinash says:

    What is this TWITTER episode which is in the news for the past couple of days…..It is much more important to CBfans then this telagana issue,CB we want to hear it straight from you then ,you can tell us what shall we do…

  32. TUFAN @NIT CALICUT says:

    hey, chetan i want to say that..”2 states”..is a real fun passtime…and u have beautifully potrayed the mind of a engineer…krish seriously depicts a pakka b.tech..and 100% mechi….its very easy to identify oneself with him..after the same 4 years….
    i was chumma, looking for a time pass..when i walked into an a/c book shop..just for the free a/c…”2 states”..was stacked there..so i caught hold of one, to show ppl i meant serious business…the first few pages were like orgasmically amazing…and i ended up finishing it within 1 day..it had such a charm….it was a great reading..hindi filmish…but great…specially to people from north who are stuck up in “idli-dosa-sherry” land for 4 yrs… great writing ..carry on

  33. Balu Uphade says:

    Good initiative on ASSET india foundation. Thanks.

  34. Nandini says:

    i am really proud to say this…m in looove with ur writings…u are awesummmmm…awesum to the power infinity…
    and about ur 2 states…what a book what a book…worth reading twice…..

    i again say…u are awesum….awesum to the power infinity…

  35. Reader says:

    Dude, you suck.

  36. Hemal Mehta says:

    Unsolicited Suggestion :)
    Please highlight the 3-click-process for those who for some reason are reading the tid-bits and not the whole stuff but still would like to help.

    “You vote by a 3-click process. You click on the link at the end of this blog, then become a fan of Chasegiving and then click to vote. That’s it.

  37. Lasheen Yusuf says:

    Read through the ASSET post and seems interesting. Do you have any more info posted?
    About the book vs movies controversy – forget it. Wonder if the Mahatma or his progeny thought about these things when they were living or writing.
    We like what you’re doing and that’s all that matters. We need to clone your attitude to life in more people, young and old.

  38. Sandip says:

    Thanks Chentan.
    This gesture of yours are going to change a few hundred lives for ever. This is the definite outcome.

  39. Talat says:

    Dear Chetan Ji,

    While I do understand your concerns about the credits, I think the very essence of entertaining the crowd is somewhere insulted by dragging this issue more and more unreasonably..I think you are sensible enough to forget and forgive and go on with your good work…think please.

  40. Dear fans of Chetan Bhagat,

    As I mentioned earlier, Thanks to all of you and Chetan, we won Round I and are in the top 100 to compete for the $ 1 Million prize. We are partnering with the Clinton Foundation to serve even more children who are HIV positive.


    Here is the link:


    Please request all your friends, relatives to vote starting January 15th. The contest ends on January 22nd.

    Please accept my sincere thanks for helping to change lives.

    Ray Umashankar
    Executive Director
    ASSET India Foundation
    [email protected]

  41. BHUSHAN says:


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