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  1. Chitra says:

    Chetan…I have just finished reading your book “2 states” and i am totally spellbound. What an imagination, sense of humour, emotion, situations and above all detailed homework that you have done to write this book. As I am myself a southindian, I could relate to each n every single word of your book. And guess what….I have read all your earlier books till date and I sure cant stop boasting that “I am an ardent fan of your writing and your books now”…..Simply awesome. I may fall short of words to describe the genuineness and warmth that you pour into your writing. I smiled, laughed, wept and ultimately got happy while reading through your book. You are indeed a “most like writer” to us. All the Best for your future ventures. I am already anxious to grab your next edition soon. Wish you good luck for making happy millions of readers of your book.

  2. madhuri says:

    hey hiee….

    well dese ppl posted dere comments over ur buk being launched…pardon me if i said sumthing rong coz i din c all d comments…

    well i read ur buk..”TWO STATES”…n its jst a wonderfful book…i had sum questions in my mind while reading it…but mayb a reader shud ans sum q’s…
    hmm…just wanted to say tat i never leave a book of urs, n wont ever…
    n watever u hav written till date has a different impact over me…:)
    n yeah…luking 4ward to c a film on tis beautiful novel…
    n plz keep riting!!!! n say a hello to anusha mam

    thanx a lot…
    ur 16 yr old fan…

  3. Aditi says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have just finished reading 2 States. And would like to congratulate u for such a great work again. I really had fun time reading it. And i hope it ll inspire many boys n girls to go n get their love now :) Atleast i am inspired now…Looking for ur next book. All the best

  4. Swaminathan says:

    Hi Mr.Bhagat, I just read your book day before yesterday and now i am still reading it, not just for the first time, but for the sixth time. and i want to thank you wholeheartedly by presenting you a poem i felt that can suit if its written by the lead role of the book. it is because that i see me in tat character…

    Well I can’t describe what love is
    At least not what it feels like; at least
    Not how it occured to u and to me
    But the love, loves us so much
    I gimmicked it so loud in your ears
    So soft it turned me; toppled me
    In every kiss you part in my heart
    I don’t see you as just a girl
    I don’t see you as just my lover
    I don’t see you as just my mother
    I don’t see you as just my guide
    But I do see you as everyone above
    You eradicated sadness out from me
    I feel jealous often in the way you love me
    I am merely unable to match you in loving
    Its always you-love-more-than me
    I humble down oh my sweetheart, entice
    Me forever; your heart is so beautiful
    As you grow older, I shall keep my
    Presence and love deep in you heart
    Keep my shell warm; keep me closer
    Love me more than now, ever and ever

  5. vikrant_ says:

    Keen to know…..
    Have u started your fifth book?

  6. Laks says:

    great book….congratulations….non-reader finishing the book in 2 days is amazing…..managed to pull in some dirty looks at the airport and inside the flight with my regular loud laughs…:-)

  7. asma says:

    Hi CB

    I read your new book and find very intresting. and did you know i have complete in just two days in working days. Enjoy a lot while reading it.
    Keep it up.
    With Love and Prayer

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