5 days to go…

Hi Everyone,

First of all, apologies for posting so late. The days before the release of a book do tend to get crazy. Also,  with this new thing called Twitter, am always tempted to take a lazier option and Tweet rather than blog. However, I am a writer, and 140 characters is just not enough sometimes to communicate all that I want to. There’s so much I have to tell you, so this post will be about a lot of varied things:

  • The Book – it is being printed as we speak. I received two copies by courier from the printers just one hour back. This time the cover is a flaming red.  And given the price of Rs95 and the somewhat higher length, my publisher Rupa has done a pretty decent job with the quality. The paper is whiter than the previous books, the cover is striking enough to be seen from a distance. It’s amazing to hold your book for the first time. By next week, this will no longer be my story, but belong to the nation. 
  • The release – I would need to go to at least 25 cities if I wanted to do a proper book launch and interact with my readers. Such a large amount of travel and co-ordinating so many events well  is not possible right now. Hence, we have decided to spread my visits to various cities in India over the next few months. At the moment, we are having only two launches (the book, however, is available countrywide). The first, a formal invitation event on the 9th October in Delhi, where Mr. Shashi Tharoor will launch the book.  And then, we have a mega public event in Mumbai on the 10th Oct (Sat) at the Oberoi Mall Atrium, Goregaon, off Western Exp Highway at 7pm. The 10th launch has free entry, and Ms Vidya Balan will launch the book and read some fun scenes with me (she being South Indian works well). The Mumbai launch has fun treats – Cadbury’s has agreed to give out their best chocolate Bournville Dark to everyone who comes for the launch. It’s going to be a festive pre-Diwali weekend, and we will have mega fun. So, those in Mumbai and around, do come! Other cities schedule will be finalized soon.
  • My mental state – I am nervous, excited, buzzed, calm, crazy, sensible – everything all at once as an emotional soup churns in my head. It is my fourth time, but some things never change. My neurosis before a release is one of them. If I think about the pressure, I will go nuts. So I try to relax, play with the kids, watch movies, tweet and keep my mind occupied with anything other than the fact that 400,000 books are being circulated across the country and soon everyone’s going to have an opinion on it.
  • Columns – as some of you may know, I’ve started doing columns for  Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar, the leading English and Hindi newspapers of the country. The newspapers have a readership of 2 crores each, a sizable audience. They’ve given me an excellent platform on their editorial pages to talk about national issues. The idea was to make young people read the edit page again – a tough ask, but just the challenge I wanted. A part of me has always wanted to contribute to change and make a better, modern India and this is a tremendous opportunity. I’ve had a great reaction so far and the country’s top leadership is reading my thoughts, which basically echo what young India thinks. I am glad to be part of that necessary communication chain. 
  • Films – After 2 States, there is another exciting thing waiting. 3 Idiots is almost ready and will release Dec 25. When I wrote FPS in office pretending to work while my boss watched, I had no clue this will lead to Aamir Khan being busy for a year. Wow! What a destiny that story has had. Of course, as you may know, the plot of FPS and 3I is indeed quite different. However, the film is based on the book and the setting, characters, premise, theme, message and most importantly the soul, is similar. I am hoping the message of the book will reach a lot more people after this movie. I will talk about 3I more later. Apart from 3 Idiots, we are also working on an exciting adaptation of 3 Mistakes. The 3 Mistakes movie has not been titled or casted yet, but we have a pretty good script now. Abhishek Kapoor, the director of Rock On, is one of most sensitive and brilliant directors I’ve met. Him, along with Pubali Chaudhri (who also co-wrote Rock On) and me are working with Excel Entertainment (Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani) to make a modern epic. Can’t give more details for now, but look out for this one.
  • What’s next? – This is something I can’t answer as my mind is totally absorbed by 2 States. After that, I have to think. I no longer work in the bank, as I felt I had to get over the lure of money and go after what I really cared for. My next project will most likely be a screenplay. But to know what exactly it will be, I need to get away and get in touch with myself again. I am planning to go out of the country after the release of 2 States, and clear my head. The immense attention, while amazing and necessary at one level for a public person – tends to distort reality. Rather than bask in the glory of the release, I need to pray more, do more yoga and come up with more positive intentions so I can figure out what to write next. I will stay connected though this site, but otherwise will ask for your support when I go through that phase. I think my sojourn will last two months.

Thank you for your comments and support. Just like me, I am sure you have your own joys, struggles and choices you have to make on a daily basis. Best of luck with that. Face life with a sense of humor, and the joys become higher. Don’t be serious, be sincere. And say a little prayer for 2 States if you can.

Love lots,





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  1. Abhishek says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I read your latest book “2 States : The Story of My Marriage”.
    I liked the book in parts and its better than 3 mistakes but not as good as the 5Pt someone.
    Your books are becoming more filmy

  2. Zankhit says:

    Hey Chetan,
    Really loved ur FPS…n m gonna buy “2 States” very soon(hopefully 2day)…loved ur writing style…u rock…best wishes 2 u….

  3. ARUN KUMAR says:

    smashing !!! the story that is ! and I have still 70 pages to go.

    Wish the book was 2000 pgs and would never end. But then all good things have a tendency to be over quickly…. I have never laughed so much ( alone that is !!!) and in fact last night when my father heard me laugh at 12 in the night, he thought i had gone completely crazy.

    Great book…. congrats…

    will wait for some more of this “crazy” stuff !

    Now your follower


  4. Dear Sir,

    I came across your writing in “GRAPHITI”, October issue, 2009. I must say, it was meticulously written with full of material facts. I found it very appealing to go through it.

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    Receiving the overwhelming response from such prominent writers of all time, we are looking forward for some outstanding writers in English too. Already we are starting to get writings from eminent writers involved in diversified fields, which is indeed a good precursor for any journal to emulate.

    On seeing your immaculate writing, I cordially invite you to chip in your writings to us, if possible. Also please send a copy of your passport size photograph along with your writing. Please be kind to inform your address as it will be delivered to you free of cost on being published.

    With deepest regards.

    Address for correspondence:

    Mr. Saptarshi Dutt
    30, Ram Kanai Adhikary Lane
    Kolkata – 700012
    West Bengal

    Saptarshi Dutt

    P.S. Please stick the word limit of articles between 1000-1500 words as we have to accommodate other writings also. We regret doing this, but we hardly have any other alternative. Hope you would not mind.

  5. uresh says:

    hiiiiiiii chetan…..its 4 in the morning and i just finished reading 2 states……its awsome mann…… u rockkkkk……your story somewhat relate to me…..keep going mannn

  6. uresh says:

    while reading the book i just thought that the story should not end…..i was so deeply sunk in it…..i just it wanted to continue on & on & on forever……….the climax was hilarious…..i loved it…….and hope that u come up with something more exciting in future…..all my best wishes to you,anusha bhabhi.and your kids shyam and ishaan……..waiting for your next book…..bye……

  7. Soujanya says:

    Hi Chetan,

    COngrats! This book will definetly make it to the Bollywood.I know it!You know what? My Boyfriend is a bengali and i am a bangalorean.When i read the book,I could relate to not only the B school experience(yes we are MBA’s too) but also the cultural clashes.It is a wonderful masterpiece and i thought my Boyfriend had spoken to you and narrated our story or something.That ‘s how close our story is to the book’s.Tell Anusha a big ‘congrats’ too(i am taking this liberty after reading about ananya so much) and keep writing.You inspire me and i want to be a writer one day too.By the way,Yes,Love is the Best investment!:)


  8. Kathir says:


    Read ‘2States’.

    By far I would rate this the best. And when it comes to your take on interactions in corporate world it is just plainly hilarious. Throughly enjoyed every page of it.

    Are you planning to visit Chennai as a part of the 25city schedule. I would love to come over and be a part of the maddenning crowd.

    When Jeffrey Archer visited to launch his “Paths of Glory” he signed books for 4hours…Chennai goes crazy and you know it….

    Looking forward to meet you.


  9. Surbhi says:

    Hi Chetan,

    Being a huge fan of your work I had to purchase a copy of 2 states as soon as I found out it was going to be releasing. I must admit, I didn’t find it as engrossing as your other novels, but still considered it an enjoyable read. Seemed like a continuation to FPS, but with a more believable conclusion to how the first book ended. Don’t want to reveal any spoilers since it is a public forum, but I felt Krish was rather shallow and cowardly at times in this book. In fact, he seemed kind of chauvinistic in some places. Also, the resolution of the family conflict left me confused. I hope you don’t mind my mentioning it, but I also find it odd that one or the other of your characters usually attempts/thinks of suicide.

    However, I just wanted to say that I have loved your previous books and especially like the way you are able to make the reader emphathize with your characters and feel things from their perspective. Even without explicitly stating everything the reader is able to sense so much more behind what the characters are experiencing. I have always felt a strong emotional attachment to your books after finishing them and am always left wanting to know what happens next when they are over! They are so poignant for me that I often feel a sort of afterglow and do not want anything to disturb my experience after reading the book. But in 2 states somehow that emotional connect was somehow missing.

    Anyways, please do keep writing! Eagerly awaiting your next book.

    Best Wishes

  10. Prashant says:

    Dear Chetan,

    I read 2states, this is one of the best ive read so far, the humour, the charcters, the plot everything was rightly balanced.. I wished the story never ended.

    All the very best..!



  11. Priya says:

    This is priya from chennai.I have read all 4 books of yours. FPS was awesome. But some how i feel that 2 states is not as good as your previous work.the predictability factor went beyond the limit and it kind of dint keep me hooked to the book till the end. The description of the marriage ceremonies was too dragging and I skipped few pages. Hope u take my feeback positively. I somehow feel that 2 states is a continuation of narration of ur life events after whatever happened at IIT but some parts of ur life episodes seem to be missing like whatever happened after IIT and before IIMA..may be u shud write a book on that part later.Just a suggestion. I am eager to know;-). Although u claim ur work to be fiction I feel more like reading ur biography and kind of feel that now i know a lot abt u;-)..keep going. ALL THE BEST

  12. Priya says:

    I would be happy to receive a mail from u some day. It wud be equivalent to an Autograph from u:).. I know that u cannot find the time to mail all ur fans….But a small wish of a small girl:)..my mail ID is [email protected].

  13. karthik says:

    hello mr bhagat
    i read the book and though i did have high expectations having read all your previous books and this one and the last one in under 24 clock hrs each (extremely gripping) this one left me spellbound…i have literally fallen in love with the book.

    all the best


  14. karthik says:

    and yes my mail id is [email protected]
    plz reply if you can…(i know it’s tough for you)

    and are the names shyam (quite predominantly south indian…sorry tamilian) and ishaan (typically punjbi)also a fall out of the two states theory…i really expect a reply to this question



  15. nirav says:

    2 states , very interesting, it is full of humour, entertainment, drama . It made my diwali with as little as Rs.95/-

  16. nishidh says:

    2 states, very ineresting, full of humour , drama & enertainment.
    spent 2 days of Diwali with joy & smile by spending just Rs.95 on 2 states.

  17. Ritu says:

    i love all ur books chetan……….n 2 states is fab i think u rock!!!!!

  18. Vishal says:

    Hey Chetan, its really good book. i wondered if you really know tamil???? you were very funny in explaining tamil incidents :-)

  19. Aravindha says:

    Hi Chetan,

    The book “2 States” is fantastic. I am an avid non-fiction, political science reader from Chennai who mocked at people reading fiction but your book is amazing. I picked up your copy at Landmark to see what the fuss is about and I am reading it through the night. Fantastic work, I cant wait to finish the book… Great work keep it going…

  20. Ajay Muralidhar says:

    Hey Chetan,

    I just fininshed reading 2 States…Wow Man! You write such amazing stories and sell them for less than 100 bucks. You have to up your price just to let people know you are worth more, else run the risk of being taken for granted. If people like me wait for years and pay 600 bucks for a lousy stereotype like Dan Brown , we can surely afford some extra for your books.

    All the best for your next work… Don’t take another year though…


  21. Neearj Tripathi says:

    Hey Chetan
    All the best and Gud luck for the new story..will hope it wud be a great one like others.. [:)]


  22. isha says:

    hey chetan,
    i just read “2 states”, n i must tell you its one of my favourites, now after FPS, plus also id lik to say..that you have an gr8 quality that each of ur readers can connect and theirselves with some or the other incidents in the book. atleast i could. I totally loved the book.Keep up the good work. :)

  23. Jiju says:

    “Face life with a sense of humor, and the joys become higher”

    I guess this is something which is very easy to say but really difficult to implement when u go through the trauma which you explained in the epilogue of the book. What would have happen if the miracle did not happen and she became somebody else’s? Of course this is an imaginary question but this do happen in lot of people’s life.
    Its not just about the states we are divided upon, based on religion, caste and lot of other factors.Our society doesn’t treat people as humans first. I am really happy that you came up with this brilliant work to throw some light into our dark society.

  24. Ritika says:

    Hey Chetan,
    I bought a copy of 2 states last week, and trust me it is addictive. I have just reached the point of Ananya and Krish meeting to study…
    I have a 9 month old son, and I work, i hardly get time to sleep but i do manage to take some time off to read your books.
    Have read all ur books, in which ONACC being my fav…has a mystery to it….

    anyways, jus keep penning and all my best wishes….


  25. Ankur Jain says:

    ausum buk..
    lovd it realy..
    tru stry which hapns wth almst evry luv brd..
    u feel tchd..

    ol d bst!!

  26. Ankur Jain says:

    now what’s next after 2 states??
    w8tng desperately..

  27. bharat says:

    Hey.. read 2 states.. great book, my wife brought this book and I found it lying on the side table of our bed, I went through couple of pages and was so impressed that I completed the book same day.. wow.. I know how difficult to bring together to communities. Content was so good and so simple that though I was reading the book but I felt like I was watching it in front of me. “If the gift is expensive we dont like to remove the tag” wow.. very true.

  28. shivangi says:

    hey chetan,
    just finished reading your new book……it remisced me of my own tough days handling my parentsfor my marriage….it was fun to read and cheers to the fact that ultimately evryone had their parents approval and happiness intact befor ebeginning a new life cheers to ananya and krish!!!!!!!!!!! great work… god bless

  29. Hiral says:

    Hiiiiiiii!! I am a regular reader of all your books!!! As it is, I have bought the two states on the 2nd day of its launch and finished by third day itself. “AMAZING” is not the word!!!! I simply loved it but I found Ananya’s character is more wonderful!!! May be being girl, I can more relate myself with it!! But truly, its not just two states makes difference, i tell u. In India as u said all psycho families makes difference even if you belong to same state!!! And hello!! whatever search u r into, keep writing man!!!

  30. dude your books rock. Keep them coming more often.

  31. Raj Kumar says:

    Hai Chetan

    Am a big fan of yours…’2 States’ is superb ! I finished it in 2 days…cant wait for the next one…


  32. Raj says:

    Hai Chetan

    Am a big fan of yours…’2 States’ is superb ! I finished it in 2 days…cant wait for the next one…


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