IIT professors deserve more pay


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  1. Simply Genius, there is some sparking similarity between You & Rahul Gandhi… Dont You Think So ? As You both are working towards Development of India & most importantly getting Youth Involved in countries progress. A perfect 10.
    “Grow Green, Feel Green, & Be Green”

  2. Debarati Dutta says:

    Completely true….even I feel our ministers are involved in matters which are of lesser importance and make them the headlines whereas there are much much more important subjects to be taken care of and which the reason they are there in those ministerial positions….I feel our ministers need to broader their outlook and look into those things which will help India and the Indians eventually…..

  3. Nihaarika says:

    wooow he’s great he rocks to the core!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ashim avtar says:

    u are absolutely right and seriously this should be seen by every minister today.dude i would suggest one more thing please never join politics ,u can change and guide us towards tremendous development with ur say and pen ,not by becoming a stupid,good for nothing moron….(indian politicians)

  5. shivam says:

    i completely agree to u. actually we all should understand that they all are doing a fabulous job investingbtheir life in shaping d future ofyouth nd nt themselvas running towards money nd fame. so they should atleast be paid what they surely nd really…………… deserve..

  6. ravi thapliyal says:

    I completely agree with the thing that they(the IIT people) should be paid well ‘coz they’re exploring talent & India only has talent(not a big capital like u said).


  7. Hi Chetan,

    Myself Raina, Journalist with DNA Navi Mumbai edition and a great fan of your’s… You are a columnist in the paper where I work and I have been its regular reader…I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on 2 states and looking forward for its launch in Mumbai (I hope to attend that though I am not too sure due to my work commitments).. M an aspiring novelist and hope to be one few years down the line (need your blessings and guidance for the same :)).. I wish you all the best for your ‘2 states’ and all other books those are yet to be released… :)


  8. Vijayant says:

    You are right about this ‘micro-management’ thing, this is really uncalled for from the ministry. It’s a pity that instead of bringing the other Universities with potential on financial par with the IIX/s he is passing a statement like “you are getting better than the UGC controlled universities,” thereby creating an illusion that these people are actually getting more that what they ideally should have.

    Everyone’s yearning for a brand name to represent India, so you should be prepared to make the sacrifices as well. drought, recession or depression, educational institutes should have a guarantee of survival and autonomy.

    Secondly, when the minister talks about “bring Nobel first and then ask for everything on a platter,” I can not help but laugh out loud, probably Mr. minister has forgotten that the IITs have some of the weaker basic sciences’ departments in the world. IITs are renowned world-wide for creating polished fodder for foreign University’s graduate engineering programmes by filtering in the most tenacious and the most persevering ones. Indian universities are yet to win an ACM-Turing award or a Field’s medal, talking about Nobel in such a manner scares me about the future of these institutes.

    All the best to the guys in the academia, they are in fact doing a splendid job despite all these bottlenecks and we should support them.


  9. Debojyoti Sarker says:

    Hi Chetan,
    Wish you all the best for your new book , 2 states. However, you dd not mention where the book will be launched in Delhi.
    Looking forward for both 2 states and 3I.

  10. Prashant says:

    Please do not compare Chetan to Rahul Gandhi. Chetan has lot of substance and has not inherited the legacy. Chetan is accomplished entirely by his own efforts.

  11. Tom Basnet says:

    Dear Chetan,
    Interesting, when i picked ur 3 mistakes of my life and read thrice found that i cannt stop reading ur other books and same the following morning i went to Book Mall and got all your books whicever published till now.. I am very much fond of reading ur books, the characters, plot and the story, amazing… but unforunately i am not able to take ur next book 2 states as it has not yet published in Bangalore… as soon as it comes, i will rash to the book store and pick ur book…. really i am very much interested to read ur book.. But, chetan.. i have a doubt from where u get all the inspiration to write these excellent bookds.. can u plz disclose to ur kind reader….thanks, Tom Basnet, Bangalore.

  12. anil kumar says:

    i must say sir,
    i am a damm fan of your writing skills,besides that i would like to apreciate the work done in your new book [2 states].
    i got the book from colaba market book stall,it may be fake that you have signed all those books on that stall,but i believe that,i got your autograph on that.
    i am not from neither from IIT nor from IIM,but want to write somethings like you based on my life,i know that its not a concern to comlement but want to tell you that i am serving in INDIAN NAVY,
    You must be boring so i should conclude here,
    ”godess LAXMI may bring more happy and prosperous time to KRISH ,ANANYA and ofcourse two babies from one state INDIA
    i know you are busy still waiting for aknowledgement
    AND THANKS,for all books

  13. Sheetal says:

    Dear Chetan

    I am not an avid reader! 2 States was possibly one of the few books that I have read cover to cover in a span of 2 days. In a way I have developed a relationship with this book and was in a way disappointed that it got over. I have never laughed more on a book as much as this one..!! I am definately your fan for sure and can’t wait to look forward to 3 idiots. By the way, will there be a film made on 2 states??? take care :)

  14. pushkar says:

    totally agree with the micro management part- iit profs are smart- they know how things work and just let them do their job

  15. Sreedevi says:

    Hi Chetan

    I finished reading the 2 Sates. Truly amazing book just like FPS. I loved the first book and 2 States the most.
    Way to go. Enjoy your 2 month’s vacation. have peace.


  16. Nishant Jha says:

    hi chetan,
    2 states was good i will nt say awesome..because storyline is predictable…but must say well executed..and one more thing those who are in love now will learn something how to make commitment and carry them out….

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