Happy to be blogging again

Only 30 days to go for ‘2 States’ launch.

Will make a proper post soon.

Meanwhile do leave your comments on the new site.




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  1. Harish says:

    Hey Chetan

    Waiting to see your new book come by…I freeked out on ur first book..5 Point Someone..that thought was connetion at its best with the readers…awaiting the next one…keep writing…its a huge thing to get people like me (restless guy) not drop a book…btw..me from DB !!:-}

  2. ravi says:

    Hi Chetan….

    i have read only 5.SO. It was flawless and as a writer you were flamboyant.

    Saw the movie HELLO(one night..).It was ok.
    not read 3M yet.

    Eagerly waiting for 2States.


  3. manuj k kathil says:

    boss, hats off to ur credible and interesting writing capabilities..tht led to convert many non readers young indians into spare tym readers…
    however as all of us know..the kinda audience u acquired, if u can write something constructive so as to rejunivate youth to work for the development our nation..than Dream of india2020, will be achieved by 2016-17….

  4. Vijay says:

    Just finished reading 3 mistakes of my life. Its a wonderful book. The characters were very true to life and the Script was awsome.NOw wanna read 5 point someone so just trying to
    arrange the book from my friends.
    Anyway u r great writter but i think u sud do somthing about
    commonwealth games, may be a kind of reality cheack.

  5. roby says:

    hey but u were writing articles in hindustan times, what about that?? i’m so disappointed..

  6. navneet says:

    i am very excitng about ur next book 2 states:
    thanx for giving such a inspiring books.
    happy life;

  7. Reema says:

    oh!!!!!!!cool so soon i am going be holding your new book hand finally i will be having something really good thing to read after 3 mistakes All the best for your book i suppose u dont need it as it will be the best like the past three.

  8. Vishwanath Bite says:

    I read all your published books to the date. You are doing well still as a Professor of Literature and having Indian English Literature as my specialization i would like to appreciate you because your handling of subject, theme and characterization is very remarking. Even you are categorized as popular writer because you are popular with the readers and that i think is the achievement of any literary work. You are fulfilling both the criteria of Nature of Literature as well as Function of Literature. I would like to have a interactive session with you if you are willing please feel free to communicate.

  9. SAPTARSI NAG says:

    Hi Chetan, tried to get in touch with u through twitter.anyways happy that finally would be reading your book again.was starving u know.anyways, really curious about the theme of the book.can u post a lil synopsis pls.all the best for the new book.its gonna rock the nation like the earlier ones.god bless…bye.

  10. Richa says:

    Hey Chetan! As an author you have lots of scope for improvement but the fact that you have turned over to take some National issues is really great ……..Needless to say we all appreciate your works…..Writing can be mentally inspiring but this inspiration needs to be casted into Action ….Hope you will think of it….All the best!!!!!

  11. AKSHAY says:

    Good to read ur boooks. u make the characters alive.
    desperately waiting for ur next book.
    best wishes.

  12. Ramya S Naidu says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I am glad to tell u that i inculcated interest in reading novels after i read “five point someone”. I admit its a great book i could connect to, simple and so real. Me and my friends have read your books and during coffee we end up discussing them. We already are in a race to grab your latest release “2 states”. I am sure u have sumthn interesting for us. Title seems so. Dude u rock.

  13. Adesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    Here is Thanks from my family… because i don’t like reading english novels(my family insist me) but due to ur novels i start enjoying it… i hve read all ur novels abt 4-5 times each……… thanks ….

    waiting 4 ur new novel………


  14. Lucky narang(Bjp leader) says:

    Best of luck ji..

  15. Aditya says:

    Hey i really like your 3 mistakes…
    im not a hardcore reader…
    though 3 mistake is my 1st book to read out….i enjoyed it…
    tooo much..
    i like the way you express your characters and also the way of expressing situations in book…
    its like living each n every character and each and every situation…
    and i also read your column of letter to gandhiji…and Hats off 4 dat…
    Best Luck 4 New Book…
    Waiting 4 it…


  16. JANSI KUMAR says:

    Hey Chetan Sir,

    Love d way u write…

    i plan to follow suite some day too…

    Meanwhle All the Best for your novel!!May it be loved and read even more than “5 point”!!cheerz

  17. Garv says:

    Hello Chetan,

    I wanna tell that bcoz of ur amazing book “5 point someone” i inculcated habit of reading novels.Your all three novels are just awesome. I was wating for ur fourth novel desperately..thanks for giving such a beautiful Diwali gift to me & aa ur fans .



  18. Reema says:

    yuppie i am holding ur book in my hand and already began with it love u chetan for this book of urs….

  19. Rinki says:

    Hi Chetan

    U hve added all the colours of hope,fear,joy,love,hate,sadness,happiness,in ur noval 2 states.Finally victory of love over social differences and mentality.but tell me is it easy to forgive?Is it possible to forget and of course ur noval has happy ending including krish’s father.But actually it is not easy for a sufferer to forgive specially when mother has to suffer for the sake of child and child has to suffer due to lack of support of father.however i really like writing

  20. Priyank Singhal says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I have just finished ur new released “2 States”.
    What can i say about it…. Its.. Marvellous….
    Superb….. fantastic….. Im just spell bound…

  21. praveen. says:

    hey chetan,i have read all your novels..including yr newly released 2 states.i like FPS the most and have read it many many times 4 the obvious reason of its huge resemblance with the reality……well is it really real ????ha ha!!
    bless u chetan…
    we all love u and hoping a lot more from u..
    keep writing.

  22. Atul says:

    Hi Chetan,
    I have read all three books written by you.They all were fabulous.
    I’m waiting for the “2 States”, i’ll read it too.
    The best thing i like about your books is that…whenever we noramlly read books we have to find time or mood to do so.
    But when it comes to your books,it obvious that one has to get time and mood both in one direction and that is to read with full joy and excitement.

    All the very best for your new book.

  23. Dear Chetan,
    I am a Merchant Navy officer and I get very little time to read books. But Your book isso interesting that I just started and finished it in one breath you can say. My wife used to be a big fan of yours and she tempted me to read it. But after reading, I too became a fan of yours…Read my review if you have time and comment there too

    Capt. Tapan Kumar

  24. Swatilekha says:

    Hi Chetan,
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for a lovely book. I loved “Two States”. The same pleasant ease that i cherish while reading your book, was present in this book as well. You have a wonderful gift of presenting ordinary things with a light of appreciation and speciality. A simple love story, inspiring. i loved the charecter of Manju..he was cool. Just an observation, the charecter of Ananya in the later half of the novel seemed to be straight out of Simone de Bouvier’s pages. Was that intentional? Though i liked the flapper kind of a representation, but i would have loved to see a little more emotion in her. Loved the book. Waiting for more!Kudos!

  25. viren verma says:

    Dear Chetan I jus love your work. Looking forward to read two states.

  26. Snehith says:

    Hi Chetan,

    You are the only author whose books i have read till the last word.

    Infact Five point someone, one night @ the call centre, 3 mistakes of my life (Half way through 2 states right now page 133 wher your helping Uncle with his PPT) are only 3 novels that i have read more than half a book till date. (Had to read Hound of baskervellies as that was part of english course in my schooling :(().

    I gifted my love with 2 states. The problem that we are facing is… both of us are s/w engineers. We re from the same state. But my love is from an upper caste and i am a BC. My family is preety educated. they are ready to accept her (hesitatingly though). But the girl’s family has a real good opposition. Hope we fight it out well and probably wont elope.

    Meanwhile i just want to say that I love your writings.

    Regarding the site, i dont see any account that can be created (good though) but i constantly view you are not authorized screen for half the tabs available. Ex:- comment in FAN ZONE.

    Please look into this, and may god be with you. Have a happy vacation.

  27. MarkRight says:

    Great story you got here. I’d like to read something more concerning this theme.

  28. Priya says:

    Hi chetan,

    This is priya from chennai.I have read all 4 books of yours. FPS was awesome. But some how i feel that 2 states is not as good as your previous work.the predictability factor went beyond the limit and it kind of dint keep me hooked to the book till the end. The description of the marriage ceremonies was too dragging and I skipped few pages. Hope u take my feeback positively. I somehow feel that 2 states is a continuation of narration of ur life events after whatever happened at IIT but some parts of ur life episodes seem to be missing like whatever happened after IIT and before IIMA..may be u shud write a book on that part later.Just a suggestion. I am eager to know;-). Although u claim ur work to be fiction I feel more like reading ur biography and kind of feel that now i know a lot abt u;-)

  29. Tamanna says:

    hey chetan…………
    great job……read “2 states”…..
    next release awaited…..
    keep rockin..

  30. abhinav aggarwal says:

    hi chetan,
    like every other person who has written you any thing i will not say that i am a very big fan of yours’ and blah blah. though i really am. Till now u must have got bored of reading that all the time.

    Though i have read all four fiction or semi fiction or reality or whatever i don’t know work of yours’.
    All four are super cool books and only testerday i have completed 2 states but i wil still say fps is the best work of yours’, because thats’ the only novel that drove me crazy enough to read it 13 times and most of times in succession.
    just wanted to thanks for such a nice novel thats’ the only reason i m writting you.
    well i have heard you are back in india and in mumbai and you r writting coloumn for a news paper.
    man if i have figured you out if you are trying to be a politician or a socialist than let me tell thats’ not your cup of tea.you are too good as a writter not sure about your career as a socialist and politician.
    and how is anushka i still keep on thinking some times that if anushka is ananya.
    what about your next novel i guess it should be of your life in hong kong.
    well thats all from my side and good luck for your stay in India.

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